NTF-ELCAC's statement regarding CPP-NPA-NDF (KABAG) Partylist Groups

NTF-ELCAC's statement regarding CPP-NPA-NDF (KABAG) Partylist Groups


READ | Statement On CPP-NPA-NDF Partylist Groups


The NTF-ELCAC would like to thank and congratulate the Filipino people for voting the CPP NPA NDF partylists- Bayan Muna and Anakpawis- OUT of Congress.


The expulsion particularly of Bayan Muna is of notable worth because for 21 years, they have formidably sat in Congress, garnering the allowable maximum seats, 3–while using the immense powers of Congress to destroy our people and our country and wasting the precious time of our real Representatives in Congress with their filibustering and their constant obstruction of important legislative work meant to move our country forward and ease the burdens of the most marginalized among us.


(screengrabbed from the NTFELCAC video)

From over a million votes in the 2019 elections, Bayan Muna is on its way to extinction with just a little over 200k votes.


We applaud the Filipino people for closing ranks behind our President, Chair of the NTF ELCAC, and heeding his call to defend and protect our country from these ruthless urban operatives of Joma Sison/CPP NPA NDF by fully using the power of your vote.


Truly, you understood so well that your vote is not only your RIGHT but your POWER. And you flexed it mightily.


It is no exaggeration to say that you, our countrymen, have given the fiercest expression of your love for our country by the protection you have given the most helpless among us –our children, our indigenous brothers and sisters, the poorest among us–from some of their most merciless tormentors: legislators who pretend to care about human rights and have had the gall to call themselves ‘human rights defenders’ when they are, in fact, its worst offenders.


We would also like to thank the Filipino people for successfully slashing in half–from 6 to 3– the number of seats in the venerable House of Representatives for these urban operatives of the CPP NPA NDF. From around 3 million votes they garnered in the 2019 elections, they could only managed a little over a million votes in this year’s elections.

We are saddened, however, that while all CPP NPA NDF Partylist groups registered a drastic reduction in the number of votes, Kabataan Partylist managed an increase to half a million votes.


We attribute these votes to the treachery of Leni Robredo who colluded with the CPP NPA NDF who have co-opted Robredo followers in the Youth Sector and are now being radicalized and targeted for recruitment into this communist terrorist organization.


For the record, if Leni Robredo had not conspired with this terrorist organization, there would have been one less seat in Congress for this terrorist organization and there would be far less kids radicalized and who are in grave danger of being led down the path of violent extremism that has killed an unbearable number of our children who have died as NPAs.


And so we continue this fight for our children and for country.

Three more CPP NPA NDF Partylists are set to defile the Halls of Congress: Kabataan, Alliance of Concerned Teachers/ACT, Gabriela and so our work is not done here.


The NTF ELCAC has filed cases of disqualification and criminal cases against these CPP NPA NDF fronts and we are set on filing even more.

And we would like to thank you in advance.


You are fierce sons and daughters of the Republic and we are certain that it will not be long before we will finally and completely destroy this terrorist organization.


Mabuhay ang matatapang na mga anak ng Republika na walang pag iimbot na nagmamahal ng buong tapang sa Kanya.



Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

NTF ELCAC Spokesperson for Sectoral Concerns.

May 21, 2022










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