If Leni and Kiko win,communism wins

If Leni and Kiko win,communism wins


If Leni and Kiko win,communism wins



For the communists, the Leni-Kiko team is their only chance to stay alive and kicking in the country.


Senatorial candidate Salvador Panelo is correct. Communists and their sympathizers are actively campaigning for a Leni Robredo and Kiko Pangilinan win in the presidential and vice-presidential election.

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This was already obvious last February when several incumbent and former congressmen sympathetic to communists attended the launch of the Leni-Kiko tandem at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Diliman, Quezon City. Those politicians were not only conspicuous in the rally; they also told the media about their full support for the two pro-communist pinklawan candidates.


At least three current senatorial candidates known for their sentiments in favor of communists are running with the Leni-Kiko ticket. One of them is openly identified with a left-leaning political party registered under the partylist system and known to be steadfastly communist.


The left-leaning partylist groups are easily identified by their superficial use of nationalistic names.

Last March, Cavite Representative Boying Remulla shared with the media his observation that many communist sympathizers were present at the Leni-Kiko rally in Cavite. The radicals were obvious from the way they shouted anti-government and anti-Marcos mantras. They also displayed mass-produced placards and streamers bearing the same radical sentiments.

Senator Ping Lacson, who is also running for president, likewise noticed the communist presence in the Leni-Kiko rallies.

Lacson’s and Remulla’s observations can be seen in many Leni-Kiko rallies.

The strategy of the communists is to provide attendance in the Leni-Kiko rallies, for the purpose of misleading the public into thinking that there is a groundswell of pro-Leni and Kiko voters.

Those radicals often arrive in busloads. Attendance is periodically checked by monitors who are stationed in strategic areas in the rallies.

Their T-shirts, placards and streamers do not explicitly endorse the Leni-Kiko ticket; they contain mantras against President Rodrigo Duterte, and against Bongbong Marcos, the leading candidate for the presidency in all election surveys.

Jose Ma. Sison, the head of the Communist Party of the Philippines, has even admitted to the media that Robredo is his personal choice for president!

Ironically, Sison’s endorsement of the Leni-Kiko ticket came in the wake of Sison’s recent, last-minute, incredible denial that he is Robredo’s political adviser.

Left-leaning priests and nuns are also involved in the desperate campaign for an impossible Leni-Kiko win. Many observers point out that the Catholic Church has already been infiltrated by the communists.

The National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict confirms the presence of communists and their sympathizers in Leni-Kiko rallies, and the radicals’ support for the two candidates.

As a lawyer (albeit one who passed the Bar examination on her second take), Leni ought to know that an alliance with the communists will undermine Philippine democracy. By allowing the communists to join their camp, she is sleeping with the enemies of the country.

The communists obviously want Leni and Kiko to win. Why?

Communism in the Philippines is on the brink of political irrelevance and, ultimately, actual extinction. Whatever so-called idealists they had in their ranks have been replaced by materialistic opportunists in the urban areas, and bandits in the countryside.

The communists tried to take over the country in the middle of 1972, but their plans were aborted when then President Ferdinand Marcos placed the entire country under martial law in September of that year. That is why today, decades since President Marcos passed away, the communists still hate Marcos. It is also why they do not want Bongbong Marcos to be the next president.

For the communists, the Leni-Kiko team is their only chance to stay alive and kicking in the country.

Leni is weak and incompetent and can be manipulated and duped easily.

Kiko is a political opportunist who will do anything just to be in power. Besides, he was a member of the left-leaning student political party Samasa when he was still a student in the University of the Philippines.

A Leni-Kiko win is a victory for communism in the Philippines.





Quoted fully from Concept News Central of Daily Tribune

May 7, 2022


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