Bro. Bo Sanchez explains Stock market's dropped following BBM's imminent victory.

Bro. Bo Sanchez explains Stock market's dropped following BBM's imminent victory.


From Bro. Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club


Since yesterday, members have been asking me, “Bo, what will happen to the stock market with a BBM Presidency?”


Some were panicking.


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One person asked me if she should sell all her stocks!


I told her, “Following your emotions is the downfall of all investors.”

I’m sure you’ve read in the news that the market dropped by 3% at opening (though the market recovered and closed at -0.56%). But in fact, the market has been declining since February, and no, it’s not because of our politics but global forces that’s causing the downward trend.


Some people told me, “But Bo, foreigners are dumping Philippine stocks!”

Sadly, foreigners have been selling the Philippines for a decade now. We’ve not just been very interesting to foreign funds.


As Investment Banker Stephen Cuunjieng said in an ANC Interview recently, Global Funds don’t care about the elections of a small third-world country like the Philippines. Because we don’t affect them. We’re not a major importer, nor are we a major exporter, except for our OFWs. This isn’t to pick on the Philippines. The harsh reality is the economic powers don’t care for two-thirds of the countries of the world. We’re just a blip in the margins.


I repeat: Since February, we’ve been telling our TRC members that the stock market has already been going down because of the Russia-Ukraine war, the rise of commodity prices, and the rising ten-year US treasury interest rates.


Someone also showed me a news article about JP Morgan downgrading the Philippines to “underweight”. But as our mentor Edward Lee says, the Philippines has been downgraded for 7 years now. It’s only the OFW remittances that have kept our ratings high enough.


Why do I listen to Edward?

Because our mentor has been in the Philippine stock market for 47 long years. He’s seen it all—regime changes, global meltdowns, natural calamities, coups and revolutions—and he’s stayed the course. He’s invested through every crisis. And he’s done handsomely well.

Don’t obey your fear. Especially in your investing.


Think about what you are doing: You are not “playing” the stock market. You are buying good businesses that are 50, 100, 150 years old. Under various administrations, they continued to prosper. We believe they will continue to prosper.


In the meantime, we must keep investing in the best companies of the Philippines at a discount (that’s why we have buy-below-prices), especially when there’s a crisis, and over time, we’ll become millionaires.


Right now, we’re in a global crisis.


By training, we always look at crisis as an opportunity.


Real investors see this as an opportunity, not a threat.


So keep investing.


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From Bro. Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club




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