'Wolf wearing pink'

'Wolf wearing pink'


Wolf wearing pink


Leni should realize that Filipinos are fed up with politicians resorting to subterfuge to bring down their quarry.


For those saying that Vice President Leni Robredo doesn’t have the capability to do the dastardly maneuvers of buying support and bribing rivals to back out should think again and review the precedent as Senator Ping Lacson narrated it.

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Sometime in October last year after the filing of candidacies, a meeting was held between the camps of Ping and Leni for what was being touted as a unification effort in the face of the strong showing of former Senator Bongbong Marcos in the presidential surveys.


The supposed coming together to put up a decent challenge to Bongbong ended in a disaster as discussions turned to Ping bowing out of the race to pave the way for Leni to team up with Tito Sotto, who is doing good in the vice-presidential surveys.

Ping said initially the talks were about forming a potent opposition to the Bongbong crackerjack that will merely sweep multiple opponents.

Recalling the first assembly, Ping said he came “sincere and prepared” to unify the candidates, but Leni came with a hidden agenda that scuttled the talks.

“It was doomed from the start,” Ping said.

The exchange of views was headed to only one direction, which was for Leni’s presidential run while the other bets drop off to provide support.

Leni, whose platform centers on her personal crusade to prevent Bongbong from winning, claimed the meetings were called off due to irreconcilable differences.

The Vice President’s mandate carried a stigma of fraud, which was the subject of a long Presidential Electoral Tribunal deliberation that lasted up to last year.

Ping had brought to the negotiations table the proposal that Tito be shared as a common candidate, which the obsessed lady apparently rejected.

Worse, he complained that his colleague, Senator Frank Drilon, was cajoling Leni, through hand gestures, to hijack Tito, which infuriated Ping.

Leni and Ping were among the frequent noisemakers who President Rodrigo Duterte mostly ignored only to reveal the reason for it later, which is their ambition for the presidency. “I, for one, even before the Senate President and I launched our candidacies, we had at least two meetings already. I saw what her intention was. The intention was not to unite the so-called opposition, but to unite under her as (the presidential) candidate,” he said.


Her term as Vice President was spent mostly in efforts to erode public support to Mr. Duterte, but Leni’s attempts, such as the “palit-ulo” video submitted to the United Nations, merely propelled the President’s survey rating.


The Chief Executive merely ignored her and went on with the unrelenting campaign against the drugs menace.

Leni should realize that Filipinos are fed up with politicians resorting to subterfuge to bring down their quarry.

Quoted fully from The Daily Tribune Commentary

The Daily Tribune

April 20, 2022







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