'Leni’s latest lies' - TDT

'Leni’s latest lies' - TDT


Leni’s latest lies


Whether she wears yellow or pink, pinklawan Leni is lying about her true political color.


Leni’s latest falsehood is her accusation that Bongbong Marcos, her rival in the presidential election, is engaged in dirty campaigning. According to her, she has no doubt that Bongbong is behind a certain online item against her daughter.

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Elaborating on her accusation, Leni said the attack was expected because her score in the election surveys has recently increased by a few points. The egotistical Leni claimed she is getting more popular than ever, and that her so-called immense popularity will supposedly translate to more votes for her.


Kiko Pangilinan, Leni’s running mate for vice president, joined her imaginary world and echoed her rhetoric.

The problem with Leni’s accusation is that she has no evidence to back it up. Her accusation is a mere gut feeling, an unsubstantiated suspicion. For Leni, her unsubstantiated suspicion is enough.

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As a lawyer, Leni ought to know that her mere gut feeling is not synonymous to fact, proof or evidence. From the way she thinks and talks, it s no wonder that she flunked the Bar examination during her first take.

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Bongbongs camp has categorically denied Leni’s hollow accusation, and said it’s she who is notorious for telling lies.

The historical record will confirm Robredos incurable penchant for telling lies.

First, Leni falsely claims that she is running as an independent candidate. The truth of the matter is that she is still an officer of the very unpopular LP, but she has been aware since late last year that the LP tag will be her undoing if she ran for president under its banner in 2022.

That is the reason why Leni pretended to ditch the LP tag and label herself as an “independent” candidate. In an attempt to put credibility to her label as an “independent,” she abandoned the LP’s campaign color yellow for the color pink.

Whether she wears yellow or pink, pinklawan Leni is lying about her true political color.


In addition, Leni’s blatant lie is evident from the fact that her running mate Kiko and her campaign manager Bam Aquino are officers of the LP.

Leni is already a chronic liar even now when she is just the vice president. Imagine the extent of the lies she will peddle to the people if the Philippines is unlucky enough and she becomes president! As the late great President Manuel L. Quezon would say, “Que horror!”

Undoubtedly, Lenis latest accusation against Bongbong is a blatant lie, one expected from someone of her nature.

Leni’s other lie is against Ping Lacson, another rival in the presidential race.

Ping recently revealed that in one of his campaign sorties in Luzon, former Quezon City Mayor Jun Simon personally tried to persuade him to withdraw from the presidential race. The message the Lacson camp got was that Ping’s withdrawal will increase the chances of a Leni win in the election.

A visibly upset Ping refused to budge and scored the Leni camp for its condescending suggestion for him to withdraw.

Although Leni denied sending Simon to Ping, there are tell-tale indications that her camp was behind the presumptuous overture to Lacson.

For one, Leni believes she is faring better than Ping in the election surveys, and some of her supporters have been condescendingly predicting that if he withdraws from the presidential derby, his supporters will automatically transfer to her camp.

Of course, that’s presumptuous and wishful thinking on Leni’s part. The conceited Leni forgot that other than Ping and herself, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso, the punch-drunk retired boxer Manny Pacquiao, and Bongbong for that matter, are potential choices for Ping’s supporters in the remote event that he does withdraw.


Election Day is about three weeks away. Expect more lies from the desperate Leni Robredo.






Quoted fully from The Daily Tribune Commentary

The Daily Tribune

April 17, 2022







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