'Kiko and his lying tv ad'

'Kiko and his lying tv ad'


Kiko and his lying tv ad


By promising that food prices will go down if he is elected vice president, Kiko is offering patently false hopes to the voters.


When candidates campaign for votes, they often promise heaven and earth to all those who care to listen, and to all the suckers who believe. Although candidates exaggerate, there is a line separating exaggerated campaign promises and outright lies.


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Kiko Pangilinan, the Liberal Party’s candidate for vice president in this year’s elections, is a traditional politician who will not hesitate to promise the moon to anyone gullible enough to believe him. His campaign promises when he ran for senator in 2001, 2007 and 2016 are motherhood statements and unfulfilled pledges.


This year, Kiko breached the line separating exaggeration and lies, as seen in his TV advertisements.

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His TV commercial shows a middle-income family taking its lunch. Suddenly, the viands come to life, through computerized animation. The “talking” viands are all praises for him. Because viands can’t talk, the scenario is obviously an exaggeration, like most TV advertisements.

What is manifestly objectionable about Kiko’s TV ad is the line delivered by one of the viands that if he is elected vice president, “bababa ang presyo ng pagkain” (the price of food will go down). That line may have been “delivered” by an animated viand, but it is an outright lie.


As every Economics student knows, it is impossible for the prices of food items to go down. Keeping food prices stable may be possible over brief periods, but food prices going down through time, as he promised, is an economic impossibility.

Food prices are determined by market forces. If demand for food increases, the prices of food increases. Since the population is always increasing every year, demand for food will always be increasing. This translates to constantly increasing food prices.

There are other market forces to consider.

The prices of food, just like almost everything else used by consumers, depends on acquisition, manufacturing, processing, marketing and distribution costs. Fuel prices are almost always the main determinant of the prices of food items. It takes fuel to manufacture and transport food. When fuel prices go up, the cost of food is certain to go up, too.

Fuel prices are always on an uptrend because oil is in constant demand the world over. Because oil is a finite resource, oil exporting countries are making the most of this resource by dictating its selling price.

International politics also affect oil prices. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, for instance, has upset the world’s oil supply, because Russia exports oil, and the international embargo imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine is affecting the world inventory of available oil.

That explains why gasoline prices in the Philippines have recently skyrocketed, and are expected to continue rising until the war between Russia and Ukraine is resolved.

Even if the war is resolved soon, there is the matter of the economic sanctions Western countries and their allies have imposed on Russia. The West is not just about ready to resume buying Russian oil once the war between Russia and Ukraine is resolved, and this means less oil available to the world.

Increasing the output of Middle Eastern oil exporting countries may eventually stabilize oil prices worldwide, but the chances of pump prices in the Philippines going back to the pre-war days of 2021 is unlikely over the next several months.

The bottom line is that the prices of food in the Philippines will never go down. Keeping food prices stable for a while may be possible, but prices will surely and inevitably go up.

It is also doubtful if a vice president can actually do anything substantial to put down the prices of food in the country.

By promising that food prices will go down if he is elected vice president, Kiko is offering patently false hopes to the voters. He is lying, and his shameless penchant for lying should be enough reason for the electorate not to vote for this liar in May 2022.










Quoted fully from The Daily Tribune Commentary

The Daily Tribune

April 24, 2022







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