'Robredo is an incurable liar'

'Robredo is an incurable liar'


This 2022 national elections will be different in the sense that the power of social media is in full effect.

Set aside the traditional mainstream media mainly because it is not that effective as it used to be, social media has made a significant contribution in making or breaking any candidate vying for a national position.

Vice President Leni Robredo has been in the news complaining that she has ben the number one punching bag of trolls because of the spreading of fake news against her candidacy and person all together.

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In the February 16, 2022 Editorial of Daily Tribune, the column’s state that Robredo is no different and as just as guilty as her rivals are. Months prior to the elections she has been flooding the mainstream and social media with political advertisements all supposedly funded by a wealthy American citizen supporter.

For purposes of better understanding and clarity we have quoted said commentary n full for purposes of public knowledge and information dissemination:


Robredo is an incurable liar



Outgoing Vice President and presidential aspirant Leni Robredo is peddling lies again.

That’s expected of her. Robredo had been lying to the people throughout her accidental tenure as vice president. Now that she’s in the presidential derby, it’s no surprise that her infamous penchant for telling lies is in high gear. After all, the desperate Robredo has been rating miserably in the latest surveys.

Robredo’s latest lie is obvious in her live television interview last week. In that interview, Robredo scolded her rivals for the presidency for campaigning extensively on TV months before the start of the official campaign period. Without batting an eyelash, she said there should be a law against premature campaigning.


Good heavens! Robredo is just as guilty as her rivals are! Months before the campaign season officially began, she had been flooding major TV channels with her political advertisements, believed to be funded by her wealthy American friend.

Obviously, Robredo talks without thinking, and that her press statements are what her mindless handlers tell her to say. It’s either that, or she believes that she is above the law. For one who wants to be president, that’s a dangerous imperfection.

It’s bad enough that Robredo is incompetent. What’s alarming is that her recent press statement suggests that if she is elected president, she will disobey the laws with impunity. Those are enough reasons why voters should not elect her.

Another lie Robredo recently peddled to the public is that she is a consistent victim of fake news in the media. That’s easy for her to say, but her own behavior confirms otherwise.

If Robredo is really a consistent victim of fake news, then it is rather odd and unusual for her to keep on speaking to the news media. So far, her TV interviews are broadcast either live or on prime time, and the newspapers echo what she blabs about in those interviews.

From the available indications, Robredo often ends up putting her foot in her mouth whenever she speaks to the press. Later on, and after realizing that she goofed, she conveniently accuses the media of disseminating fake news about her. What a fake!

Robredo is complaining about fake news? The actual fake news is her tall tale that she is a consistent victim of fake news.

Still one more lie peddled to the press by Robredo is that she is running for president as an independent candidate, even though she ran for vice president in 2016 under the banner of the much despised and distrusted Liberal Party (LP).


Everybody knows that although Robredo is supposedly an “independent” bet for president, she is to all intents and purposes the candidate of the LP. Outgoing Senator Francis Pangilinan, who claims to be the titular head of the LP, is running for vice president side by side with her. Pangilinan is from LP, but Robredo is an independent? Come on, Leni! The bulk of the voters are not as stupid as you and that pretentious Pangilinan think they are.

Even that political derelict ex-Senator Bam Aquino of the LP is the campaign manager of the Robredo-Pangilinan ticket!

That Aquino could not get himself reelected senator in 2019. How then does he intend to get Robredo and Pangilinan elected?

For the record, in the 2019 senatorial elections, Aquino, whose only “legislative skill” is to imitate the appearance of his late uncle Ninoy, lost miserably, while Imee Marcos won easily.

Why can’t Robredo be honest enough to admit that she is the LP candidate for president? The answer: Robredo knows that being affiliated with the very unpopular LP is unwise for her campaign, but unfortunately, the LP is the only political party crass and disrespectable enough to support her burning ambition to become president.

Since Robredo the non-stop liar cannot even be honest with herself, she should not be entrusted with the highest office of the land.



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