Veteran journo exposes"Last-ditch schemes to stop BBM's consolidating UniTeam coalition"

Veteran journo exposes"Last-ditch schemes to stop BBM's consolidating UniTeam coalition"


IT was bound to happen. Because of Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s near complete domination of the candidates field in the May 2022 election, there would be a last-ditch attempt by the rival parties and candidates to topple him from his pole position in the coming balloting.

The scheme has come out in the form of various fantasies and stratagems to knock down BBM as the frontrunner.

A last-ditch effort or attempt is a final attempt to achieve something when previous efforts have not been successful. The idiom is usually used in the structure" to make a last-ditch effort to do something."

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When this idiom is used, it usually communicates the feeling that the final effort is not likely to succeed, e.g.," I made a last ditch effort to change his mind about dropping out of, but he wouldn't listen." "Last-ditch" has military origins — ditches were used to defend castles from attacking armies. The "last ditch" was your final (and probably hopeless) chance to defend yourself.

Turning now to our May 2022 election, there is today in the foreground a plainly last-ditch attempt to stop Marcos Jr. from winning the presidency in May.

After earlier failed schemes to disqualify him as a candidate for president, after the failed and shabby stratagem to put other Marcoses in the ballot for president, and after a failed effort to get the Comelec to open up the filing of CoCs again, hence cancel or postpone the May election, and hence proclaim Duterte as holdover president.

And then there are those who hold out the hope that Covid-19 can be put to some use in stopping the May election.

As the contending political forces gird for the official start of the election campaign period on February 8, Election 2022 is rapidly evolving into a free-flowing, dynamic no-holds-barred contest for the hearts and minds of Filipino voters.

What has chiefly raised the political temperature and fueled a sense of election fever, is the high favorability and domination of the candidates field by the unprecedented team-up of former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

The duo has dominated every pre-election survey and favorability poll for months now that the BBM-Sara UniTeam threatens to run away with the election even before voting is held.

Desperate measures

This has impelled rival candidates and their supporters to undertake desperate measures to make the race competitive and keep BBM-Sara within hailing distance.

Various schemes and tactics have evolved to diminish the lead of the frontrunners and raise up the standing of the also-rans.

Isko-Sara scheme

One plot, descriptively called "Isa" for Isko-Sara, seeks to promote the pairing of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and Sara Duterte-Carpio in order to break up the formidable BBM-Sara tandem, and appeal slyly for support from President Duterte and his administration.

Among the big promoters of the Isko-Sara tandem are, not surprisingly, Alan Peter "term-sharing" Cayeteno and the shaky Cayetano dynasty in Taguig, some Manila officials and various politicians from different parts of the country.

Before the Isko-Sara idea could gather support, however, Mayor Sara doused cold water on the scheme. She told her supporters she could not join them. She declared firmly that she would keep true to her role as running mate to Bongbong Marcos.

As for Moreno being raised up as a candidate to displace BBM, the subject was hardly discussed in mainstream media. Most journalists considered the Isa idea preposterous. On social media, the verdict was devastating. Isko's meager credentials and lack of background in politics were dismissed and scorned.

FVR execs for Robredo

The other key development in the "Stop BBM" drive is the sudden surfacing of former officials of the Fidel V. Ramos administration as supporters of Leni Robredo for president.

On January 13, Thursday, 23 former top officials of the Ramos government pledged to support Vice President Leni Robredo's bid for the presidency.

The 23 Ramos ex-officials included 14 former Cabinet heads.

In a statement, they said they "believe that the country sorely needs a leader who will inspire unity, solidarity and teamwork in the government and among all Filipinos."

The leader must also "empower our people, especially the disadvantaged and marginalized in society; and bring out the best of servant leadership in government officials and public servants by being the foremost example of integrity, dedication, professionalism, level-headedness, statesmanship, pursuit of excellence, hard work, and true caring and sharing for our fellow Filipinos," they said.

Robredo, they added, "is the only presidential candidate who possesses the above-described qualities and who can credibly lead us Filipinos closer toward that dream."

The former Ramos officials said they regard the May elections as a turning point for the Philippines

In a Twitter post, Robredo said she was "humbled by the support of Cabinet members and senior officials of the Ramos administration."

"I look up to the leadership that FVR espoused, which I believe was affirmed by the brilliant people who served alongside him — matitino at mahuhusay (honest and efficient)," she said.

"Honored by the faith you have placed upon me, Sirs and Ma'ams. Makakaasa po kayo na lagi kong sisikapin to be worthy of the trust that you and our fellow Filipinos have given me," Robredo said.

Whether these last-ditch tactics can work to dent the appeal and popularity of Bongbong Marcos is open to many questions and doubts.

I will discuss in my next column the response of the UniTeam alliance to this challenge.



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