A College Dropout's Dream -The Grilled Chicken that threatened Jollibee; is now part of Forbes List of 40 Richest Pinoy

A College Dropout's Dream -The Grilled Chicken that threatened Jollibee; is now part of Forbes List of 40 Richest Pinoy


He will go down in the Philippine restaurant history where the number 1 fast food chain in the Philippines- Jollibee felt threatened by his inasal na manok food chain of restaurants.


Then who is the genius man who made Jollibee think that it was a threat to its world famous chicken joy?


His name is Edgar “Injap” Sia IIdid not finish his Architecture degree instead decided to take the biggest risk in his life in 2003- he founded Mang Inasal, 10 years after his decision would make him part of Forbes List of 40 Richest Filipinos.

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Decmber 12, 2003, he decided to open his first branch in the most unlikely place- in a 3-year-old unoccupied space in Robinson’s Mall Carpark in Iloilo.

According to business consultant Butz Bartolome, Sia capitalized on finding the best talents in his community. “He was oozing with passion and full of confidence. He had a dream in his mind. He put his studies at stake and accepted that fact. He compensated [for his lack of education] by tapping the best in the community,” Bartolome told RAPPLER.


 A big help to his local community



Then, without any track record as a successful businessman, a lot of suppliers turned him when h was just starting up his business. This was a challenged he faced on by scouting suppliers in wet markets as well as cooperatives in Iloilo.


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Today, the most famous barbecue chain in the country helps in alleviating the unemployment rate in the Philippines. Utilizing banana leaves sourced from communities in Guimaras Island and bamboo sticks supplied by several cooperatives in Iloilo, Mang Inasal gave endless opportunities to people who helped build the empire.


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“He could have sold 100%. He could have lived a lifestyle. But he has learned to give back and share to the community which had returned to him the favor [when he was starting],” Bartolome explained.


The “Unli Rice” concept made him a hit in Manila


With 26 branches already operating in Visayas and Mindanao, Sia decided to open his first branch in the country’s “make or break” city Manila in 2006.

Being a rice loving country, it was rice that captured the Manila market.

During a rice shortage in the country in 2006, Sia decided to do the unthinkable and offered the “Unli Rice” promo to Mang Inasal customers. The genius move, which was supposed to run for two months, attracted more customers. Today, Mang Inasal is best-known for this promo.

The Mang Inasal Empire

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With over 460 stores as of March 2014, Mang Inasal is deemed as one of the largest  and  fastest-growing food companies in the country.


The restaurant specializing in grilled chicken became so successful that the Philippines’ biggest food company Jollibee Food Corporation decided to buy 70% of the company for a whopping P3 billion in October 2010.




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