Are you solid BBM-Sara for 2022? Then you should read this!

Are you solid BBM-Sara for 2022? Then you should read this!


This post from Rosario, La Union Government has gone viral, as of this writing this has already garnered 157K likes, 8.6K comments and 17K shares.

For our readers, we are quoting the said in full:

Spain dominated the Philippines for 333 years. For 48 years, Americans conquered the nation, and for 3-4 years, Filipinos were under Japanese control. There are numerous human rights violations, extortions, and other crimes against humanity committed to the country and the Filipino people.

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Filipinos' response: "We must forgive them and live peacefully in a borderless world."


The same hypocrites who cannot forgive Pres. Ferdinand Emmanuel E. Marcos despite the dismissed cases and charges against him due to lack of evidence.


We should remember that President FEM and Mrs. Marcos were charged with almost 1000 civil and criminal proceedings in New York, branded the "Trial of the Century," but they WON because they defended the truth by presenting 350,000 pieces of evidence and 95 witnesses.


This is supposed to be a CASE CLOSED, but because the Liberal Party is so desperate for power, they continue to condemn the Marcos family via all possible means, such as media, publications, and so on.


As a result of defeat, exile, and death, the father's voices were muffled. The wave of rage and vengeance had washed away the significance of his victories. History written from the perspective of the victors reinforced the unpleasant and difficult features of his rule in the popular perception.


In 2022, the son will soon rectify the history that Cory Aquino (an inexperienced widow) and her minions in the Liberal Party rewrote in order to advance their propaganda . The son will soon rise above all forces to tell the world that his father is the reason why the Philippines has become a solidly built house. That after WWII, we have anything (infrastructures, systems, etc.) that has surpassed the achievements of POST-EDSA presidents.


Bongbong Marcos together with Mayor Inday Sara Duterte will soon be labeled as one of the best Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Philippines.

The #UniTeam2022 will soon be declared triumphant if us supporters do not allow fraud, such as that seen in the 2016 VP elections, to occur again. Let us work together to combat the bad influences emanating from pinklawans who do nothing in the nation but promote their dimwitted thinking and unjustified whinings on social media in support of their best bet, the queen of all photoshoots, VP Leni Robredo.





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