Makabayan bloc reps are high ranking party members of the Communist Party of the Philippines

Makabayan bloc reps are high ranking party members of the Communist Party of the Philippines


A repost taken from the Facebook account of Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO) Lorraine Badoy PCOO Assec. Lorraine T. Badoy, wherein she discussed the hardship undergone by the PCOO regarding its budget in Congress under the hands of the leftist and progressive Makabayan bloc.

For purposes of clarity and truthfulness, full quote of the post is hereunder posted below:


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A year has passed since I wrote this.


For writing the Truth, PCOO’s budget was deferred 8 times (could be 9) by the Kamatayan Bloc.


We were made to wait in Congress, on average, maybe 10 hours. Those are executive hours we are talking about and for an entire Department.


And it finally passed on the 8th (or 9th) time at around 3am.


This is what happens when you have CPP NPA NDF operatives inside the House of Representatives whose main goal is the main goal of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF: weaken then destroy government then turn us into a communist state.


Multiply that a thousand times and you can only shake your head in sorrow at what the REAL Representatives in the HOR have to put up with while Joma Sison’s operatives faithfully do his bidding of obstructing important work they do for our country.


A year after writing this, I continue to mean every word I said here.

My assertion that Carlos Zarate, Eufemia Cullamat, Ferdinand Gaite of Bayan Muna, Arlene Brosas of GABRIELA, France Castro of ACT, and Sarah Elago of Kabataan Party list are high ranking party members of the CPP NPA NDF- has been validated many times over by powerful first hand testimonies of victims, relatives of victims, former rebels who have now gone back into the fold of the law, seized documents and many others.


An avalanche of statements of support bolstering what I said swept our office.


A year has passed and we have gained so much in that year.


The number of those who have turned their backs on this terrorist group via our localized peace process is record-breaking. Over 18,400 NPAs have laid down their arms peacefully and have rejoined society as productive citizens who contribute to the rebuilding of our nation.

Whole Guerilla fronts have been dismantled all over the country. High value surrenders of ranking party members all over the country happen on an almost regular basis.


Bank accounts of fronts of the CPP NPA NDF have been frozen.

And the program that will surely end Terrorism in our countryside- the Barangay Development Program- has started rolling.


We are seeing the start of the end of the CPP NPA NDF.


And so at around 3 pm today, for PCOO’s budget hearing, I will be walking inside the Plenary Hall of Congress- the very place where my father once stood in fiercest defense of the Filipino people.


I was told the Kamatayan Bloc specifically asked that I be there physically. Is it possible they think I’m afraid of them? Lol


Sabi nga ni Ka Eric, “Ang pagkakamali nila, hindi ka nila kilala.” (What a wonderful compliment, don’t you think so?)

I was never afraid of them.


I wasn’t afraid of them last year when I faced them and I cannot wait for them to look at my eyes and see that I have not one drop of fear in me.


What I have in me is Rage- for all the crimes they have enabled on our indigenous peoples,on our children who lie in shallow graves all across this land, on Kieth and Nolven Absalon, Cpl Frederick Villasis, Jestoni Lalaguna and the countless victims of this terrorist organization.


The time for the Filipino people being afraid of these terrorists is OVER.

Their house of cards is falling down.


And THIS TIME, I want to see the mortal fear in their eyes.

===============================    ======================= 

Makabayan bloc Representatives Arlene D. Brosas of GABRIELA, France L. Castro of ACT, Eufemia C. Cullamat of BAYAN MUNA Partylist, Sarah I. Elago of KABATAAN PARTYLIST, Rep. Ferdinand R. Gaite of BAYAN MUNA, Carlos Isagani T. Zarate of BAYAN MUNA are all high ranking party members of the CPP (NPA NDF) whose main goals are the weakening of our government and then its total destruction so that the CPP may topple our democracy and install, in its place, communism.

They are shameless and relentless in their cynical use of government resources to weaken government. And they use hard-earned taxpayers' money to destroy the lives and the bright future of Filipinos and their children.

They snuff the life and sparkle out of a country of such hard-working, progressive people with big hearts who don't deserve the grief and misery the deceitful CPP NPA NDF has served us for the past 5 decades in our life as a nation.

This being a vibrant democracy we live in, however, they are totally free to believe all that and up to a certain point, act on those beliefs.

The armed struggle, though, is where government draws the line.

And thanks to a government that has seen the bitter effects on our country of a law that had no real power to stop terrorists from making the Filipino people fair game, heaping ruthless and vicious abuses one on top of the other, we now stand with a sharp sword in our hand- the Anti Terrorism Law- to defend and protect our people from violent extremists.

Makabayan Bloc representatives must therefore strip themselves of all their pretenses and take away their masks of 'LEGISLATOR' and tell the Filipino people who it is they truly are and what it is they truly aim for:

that they are high ranking party members of the Communist Party of the Philippines that directly guides and gives explicit and implicit instructions to its armed component, the New People's Army, and to its legal fronts under the umbrella of the National Democratic Front to destroy government and kill democracy then force down our gullets a violent ideology that has fallen by the wayside of history and become obsolete because of its irrelevance and inhumanity- an inhumanity that is currently in full display in our country because of the thick deceit of the CPP NPA NDF - not the least of which are these "legislators" who have, time and again, used the immense powers of Congress to obstruct the honest work of simple and faithful public servants who are ceaseless in their service of the Filipino people.

Take off those masks and have the courage of your convictions. Let the Filipino people choose from a position of full disclosure you give- not by pulling the wool over their eyes by pretending to be what it is you're not.

The gauntlet has been thrown.

Undersecretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy
NTF ELCAC Spokesperson
September 5, 2020

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