P750,00 per Kilo! Planet's most expensive tree being poached in the Philippines

P750,00 per Kilo! Planet's most expensive tree being poached in the Philippines


We’ve always known that the Philippine is one of the most mega diverse sites in the planet.

The richness and rarity of our forest has its own unique species which are endemic or can only be found in the country.

In a story published by Esquire Philippines – a different gold rush is happening  in the jungles of the country.

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The story goes that one of the country’s tree happens to have the distinction of being the most expensive tree in the world: “lapnisan” or agarwood.

A kilo of agarwood fetches as much as P750,000. A whole tree is worth tens of millions of pesos, which is why many people would kill for a piece of this rare tree.

The tree is described as a non-timber type of wood that is used for its sap or resin, which is used in the perfume and scents industry. The tree is very rare and is found in the deepest parts of the jungles of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. 

The lapnisan tree itself is not quite valuable. It only becomes a sought-after material when it has become infected with a type of mold, which triggers a defensive reaction from the tree to produce a dark, fragrant substance. You can tell if a tree is infected by looking at the color of its wood. Darker wood likely means the tree has an infection and produces a fragrant scent. 

This oily substance or resin from infected agarwood is worth more than its weight in gold. Perfumers and incense makers are willing to pay millions of dollars for a liter of this “liquid gold.” In 2013, agarwood trade had a global value of $8 billion. 

Lapnisan or agarwood takes 20 years to mature before you can harvest its wood. It only grows in areas with high elevation and cool climate. The tree grows 10 to 12 feet only. It is hard to cultivate, which is why it remains a very rare species.


Where it is found?

Lapnisan or agar is found only in the thickest forest jungles of Mindanao and the Visayas.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has declared the lapnisan as an endangered species and is under government protection.

It s illegal to buy, sell, collect, or transport any part of agarwood or lapnisan. 


How does it smell?


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“Depending on the quality of the raw materials, agarwood emits different scents. It has notes of soft florals, but what makes its woody scent so unique are the accents of musk, vanilla, and bright fruits. It is a favorite scent of perfumers, incense makers, and candlemakers.




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