"The Liberal Party’s necropolitics" - DT

"The Liberal Party’s necropolitics" - DT


The Former President has been laid to rest beside his parents.

The next general election is less than a year, many are claiming that the opposition has no way of getting much needed votes as against the President Rodrigo Roa Duterte backed candidates.

Most especially if the surveys are going to believed, Davao City Mayor Sara Carpio-Duterte is the front runner to succeed his father as the 17th President of the Republic.

(photo credit to Daily Tribune)

Daily Tribune’s Editorial last July 4, 2021 has presented so eloquently what the Liberal Party brings for the country at this time and for the upcoming election.

For the purpose of clarity, understanding and public knowledge we are quoting in full the said published editorial below.


The Liberal Party’s necropolitics




Expect the morally-bankrupt Liberal Party (LP) of Senators Franklin Drilon and Francis Pangilinan to exploit anything just for their political party’s survival in the 2022 elections.

Days after ex-President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III died last 24 June, the LP was already visibly politicizing Aquino’s unexpected passing.

One LP bigwig said Aquino’s demise will change the political landscape, as it will galvanize anti-administration groups into action. Big words indeed, but they lack substance.

An LP boss insinuated that Aquino’s death will give the political opposition an issue to use against administration candidates in next year’s polls. How that is so, was not explained.

At a time when even staunch critics of Aquino either refrained from finding fault in him or managed to say some kind, appreciative words about him, the LP was more concerned about politics.

Sure, the LP talking heads praised Aquino, but they did so while politicizing Aquino’s passing.

The lines peddled by the LP top brass have a common denominator. They all equate Noynoy’s passing to the assassination of his father, ex-Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. in 1983, and the demise of his mother, ex-President Corazon “Cory” Cojuangco Aquino in 2009.

Their statements point out that Ninoy’s death in 1983 led to Cory’s taking power in 1986; and that Cory’s demise in 2009 saddened the voters enough to install Noynoy in Malacañang in 2010.

In other words, the LP tacitly wants an Aquino relative to lead the party in next year’s elections as its presidential candidate. That is, of course, on the LP’s sweeping assumption that the death of Noynoy will translate to sympathy votes for the Aquino candidate and his or her party mates.

The LP does not care if its presidential bet has no political experience or is unfit for public office. For the LP, it is enough that the party’s candidate lost a popular relative and, because of that bereavement, can attract enough sympathy votes badly needed by the party.

That strategy is called necropolitics.

Like political dynasties, necropolitics makes competence, experience and integrity in public office unimportant. Only deaths in the family count in necropolitics.

The LP’s shameless resort to necropolitics has the badge of political opportunism. It also confirms that with the 2022 national election just 10 months away, the LP still has no significant issues to raise against the administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Let the facts about the LP speak for themselves.

Other than duplicating the functions of the Secretary of Social Welfare and Development in terms of distributing relief goods during calamities, Vice President Leni Robredo of the LP has done absolutely nothing of substance or significance to make her a strong contender for the presidency in 2022. Her callous decision to live in a plush mansion in New Manila, Quezon City at taxpayers’ expense is something she should be ashamed of.

The four incumbent LP senators are just as lackluster like Robredo. Three of them are eligible for reelection next year and will face a steep, uphill battle if they run.

Moreover, the public still wants to know if one of the four, namely, Senator Leila de Lima, is still fit for public office, considering what the media have revealed about her alleged love life.

That is why the LP badly needs to resort to necropolitics.

Fortunately, necropolitics does not always succeed in fooling all of the voters all of the time.

Take the case of Senator Grace Poe.

Her father, Philippine box office king Fernando Poe Jr. lost in the 2004 presidential election, but many voters sincerely believed that he was cheated. Soon after FPJ died later that year, Grace Poe found herself in the political limelight. After a brief, uneventful stint as chief cinema censor, she ran and won as senator in 2013. Her being the late FPJ’s adopted daughter was enough to get her the sympathy votes she need to land in first place.

Grace Poe believed that her ties to her late father will win her the presidency in 2016. Run for president she did, but she lost to President Duterte.

It seems that from the way LP leaders have been talking lately, they are saying the Aquinos sure know when to die.




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