U.S. Destroyer Ship 'Disrupts' China's Naval Exercises for 3 Weeks

U.S. Destroyer Ship 'Disrupts' China's Naval Exercises for 3 Weeks


China is very much wary of the planet’s largest, professional, modern and most lethal navy in the planet, so much so it described it as a ‘vile’ ship.

The current standoff between the Philippines and China in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) have given the US its freedom of navigation in the area.

China did not hide its displeasure when the American warship USS Martin tailed the Chinese carrier strike group for three weeks, which resulted to disrupting its naval exercises.

(photo credt to owner, USS Mustin)

Last month, China's defense ministry spokesperson Wu Qian accused the USS Mustin of endangering the lives of Chinese sailors because it “severely disrupted” the naval exercises and “threatened ... the safety of vessels and crew.” Wu Quian also described the American ship as “very vile” or extremely unpleasant. 


We’re not doing Anything Wrong – US


“The U.S. Navy maintains a persistent presence in the Indo-Pacific as it has for many years and regularly interacts with foreign vessels/aircraft,” a U.S. navy official told Newsweek. “All interactions with our forces have been in accordance with international law and did not impact any ongoing operations.”




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