China replies to EU: Julian Felipe Reef Is Part China’s Spratly Islands

China replies to EU: Julian Felipe Reef Is Part China’s Spratly Islands

 European Union (UN) has made known to China that its expansionist actions are putting in danger the whole region’s peace and stability.

The Chinese representatives to the European Union (EU) told EU, in a statement released a few day ago (April 24), that Julain Felipe Reed (Whitsun Reef) is part of their territory in the Spratly’s islands.

The EU bloc notes that it is committed to secure, free and open maritime supply routes in the Indo-Pacific in full compliance with International law, and opposes any unilateral actions that could undermine regional stability and international order.

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EU also reiterated that it recognizes the 2016 Permanent Court of Arbitration award.

The Chinese Mission in EU spokesperson said “the reef and its adjacent waters have always been important operating areas and shelters for Chinese fishing boats. Recently, Chinese fishing boats are operating there and sheltering from wind, which is reasonable and lawful. How come does it endanger regional peace and stability?”

“We have reiterated on various occasions that China’s sovereignty and rights and interests in the South China Sea are formed in the long course of history and are consistent with international law. The so-called Arbitral Tribunal on the South China Sea was established on the basis of illegal acts and claims of the Philippines. It has no legitimacy and the award it issued is null and void. China does not accept or recognize the award, and firmly rejects any claims or actions based on the award,” the Chinese Mission spokesperson added.

“I want to point out that the current situation in the South China Sea is on the whole stable. China maintains close communication on relevant issues with countries in the region, including the Philippines. In recent years, countries in the region and beyond have seen clearly that the destablizing factors and security risks in the South China Sea mainly come from outside the region. The South China Sea should not become a tool for certain countries to contain and suppress China, still less a wrestling ground for major-power rivalry. China urges the EU side to respect the efforts of countries in the region in properly addressing differences and maintaining stability in the South China Sea, and stop sowing discord,” the spokesperson added.



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