Filipinos satisfied with gov’t response to Covid-19 pandemic

Filipinos satisfied with gov’t response to Covid-19 pandemic

The global pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus 2019 disease or COVID-19 has really been an eye opener for all the countries in the world – no one was really prepared for it.

In the local front, a foreign online poll covering 23 countries and had respondents aged between 18 to 80,the poll has a 3 to 6 percent statistical margin of error, was conducted asking if they are satisfied with the leadership of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in his response to the global pandemic.

The online survey measured 4 key performance indicators: national political leadership, corporate leadership, community, and media, and was conducted between the dates of April 3 and 19 starting first in Asia up to Iran. 

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
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The result was that the Philippines averaged 49 percent satisfaction rating with respect to Duterte’s response, results of a survey by Blackbox Research firm, and Toluna media company released Wednesday showed.
Compared to its neighbors the Philippines ranked higher than  Indonesia (48 percent), Singapore (48 percent), and Thailand (36 percent).
China, the origin of the pandemic, had the highest average satisfaction rating at 85 percent followed by Vietnam at 77 percent, and India at 59 percent.

South American country Mexico registered the lowest satisfaction rating at 37 percent, followed by the United States of America at 41 percent, and Iran from the Middle East at 36 percent respectively.
"Overall, most countries are not performing up to their citizens’ expectations. The Chinese are exceptionally satisfied, which could be attributed to how they are already in their post-COVID-19 recovery phase amid the global outbreak, which gave a sense that China has handled the crisis well," David Black, founder and chief executive officer of Blackbox Research said.
“COVID-19 is not the first and will not be the last global pandemic. In order to rebuild public trust and confidence, leaders need to consider the lasting implications and impacts of the crisis in order to emerge from this crisis stronger and more resilient," Black said.

The 4 performance indicators

For the national political leadership, 45 percent of Filipinos said they were satisfied with President Duterte's crisis response.

Media response to the pandemic was the most favored among the virus response factors with a 78-percent approval rating in the Philippines.

Community leadership and business leadership in the Philippines, meanwhile, got relatively lower scores of 37 percent and 36 percent respectively.

Malacanang’s response

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said"Government cannot do it alone and we are therefore grateful to the private sector, the media, and the community in general for demonstrating the true Filipino bayanihan spirit in this extraordinary situation." 

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Report from ABS-CBN News

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