10 best countries to invest in post-COVID19 pandemic

10 best countries to invest in post-COVID19 pandemic

Everybody is looking forward to the post-COVID-19 scenario, economies suffered a big set back at the very first half of this year and could go on until the rest of the year.

Economic unrest is also the new norm, as countries cannot be forever in a lockdown, industries must start so the economy can slowly pick itself up.

The coronavirus pandemic could  possibly trim global economic growth by 2% while global trade is predicted to plummet by up to 32%, according to Congressional Research Service.

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Unprecedented gargantuan challenges are expected in the stock market, and the bad news is we still have not seen the full extent of the problem as this health crisis has not even reached its peak.

CEOWORLD has just revealed the world’s best countries to invest in or do business in for 2020.

80 countries have been analysed according to business and investment environments. Corruption, freedom, investor protection, workforce, taxes, infrastructure, red tape, quality of life, and technological readiness were among the factors taken into consideration.

The small state of Singapore topped the list for the 2020 edition as the most attractive nation for investors and businesspeople.
Ranked second is the United Kingdom followed by Poland, Indonesia and India; however, it’s important to note the results do not take into consideration the current pandemic and any effects the health crisis may have on the economy.

10 top countries for investors in 2020

1.   Singapore

The island city-state was crowned the best country to invest in or do business in for 2020 with a total score of 86.087.

2.   The United Kingdom

Coming in at second place, the United Kingdom was found to offer the next best opportunity for investors with a total score of 84.494.

3.   Poland

An unexpected entry, the Eastern European nation was found to be one of the top-tier places for investment, ranking highly for market potential and institutional framework

4.   Indonesia

In fourth position, the most populous country in South East Asia and popular holiday destination for Australians received a total score of 82.978.

5.   India

The South Asian giant scored highly in institutional framework followed by education and research.

6.   Australia

With a total score of 82.305, the continent Down Under performed well across all sectors including education and research, market potential and trade openness.

7.   Philippines

Described as being the tech hub of Asia, the country currently under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte scored the seventh best place for businesspeople.

8.   The United States of America

The country has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world, it was ranked in the top 10 best countries to invest in for 2020 – before COVID-19 swept the globe.

9.   Malaysia

The fourth South East Asian country to make the top 10 recorded a total score of 81.021, fairing the best in institutional framework.

10.  Czech Republic

The landlocked central European nation is among the leading places for investors for this year.

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