Boost your immune system against COVID19 by eating Malunggay!

Boost your immune system against COVID19 by eating Malunggay!

In this time of crisis if you are not well off or for lack of other term to use – poor the only thing you can do is panic!  Panic buying is out of question because in the first place you don’t have the necessary financial capacity to do what the others are shamelessly doing.
As of now there is no known vaccine that can cure the coronavirus disease, and  the community quarantine and/or lockdown is being implemented – what can the lowly juan can do to fight COVID-19?
Answer is simple : by eating Malunggay!

The Malunggay or better known as Moringa in other countries has been traditionally the food of nursing mothers and is being used as a “bakod” in the provinces is proving to be a powerhouse of nutrients that can boost one’s immune system against viruses, and yes even possibly from the dreaded novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID19)

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! For poor Filipinos, prevention from contracting the virus will be the key.
The lack of availability of face masks and the COVID19 testing kits are a reality that is not helping allay the fears of the citizenry.

Still without the cure in sight, the only thing people could do under the circumstances is to take precautions and preventive measures to try to secure themselves and their family’s health.
Aside from the commercially available vitamins, the Philippines abounds with several natural and indigenous plants and fruits available.
The “Miracle Tree” is a well researched, and studied plant and is very well known for its health benefits.
The Malunggay is richly endowed with the following, according to this Amchara listing:

·        92 nutrients
·        46 anti-oxidants
·        36 anti-inflammatories
·        18 amino acids
·        10 vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, A, C, K, E, D
·        9 essential amino acids
With such a powerhouse of health-boosting properties, the Malunggay can also boost our immune system which can help us fight off viruses. And if infected with a virus, it could help reduce and lessen the effects of the infection which could lessen the period of illness and faster recovery.

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