Yellow Cab waitress simple act of kindness : "Sandali lang po sir bibigyan ko kayo ng pagkain"

Yellow Cab waitress simple act of kindness : "Sandali lang po sir bibigyan ko kayo ng pagkain"

There will always be a reason to believe in the innate goodness of the Filipino.

Time and time again news in the media tells us the violence that we do with each other may it be crime against persons, passion, things or for whatever actions that dilute the trust to a fellow human being.

One simple and inspiring story came from the Facebook post of Ms. Lia Del Castillo that happen in a Pizza joint -Yellow Cab to be exact in the SM the Block.

Photo taken from Ms. Liza Del Castillo's FB post

An old man was seen entering the store looking for food to eat in the tables that was just left by the previous eating customers. Since the table was empty he just poured what was left in the pitcher and drank from the used cup.

On his way out, the old man’s attention was called by the restaurant waitress and was asked "Sir ano po yun?, Sandali lang po sir bibigyan ko po kayo ng pagkain," and she let the old man sat at the same table.

To Ms.Del Castillo’s surprise, “the waitress came back and handed the old man a whole box of pizza, to which the old man almost wanted to cry”

The Facebook post has garnered almost 350 thousand reactions and more than 114 thousand shares.

For the convenience of our reading public we have quoted in full the Facebook post of Ms. Lia Del Castillo. Please read the post.

Tonight while having dinner at Yellow Cab, inside SM The Block, I saw this old guy looking for leftover food on the table in front of us. Seeing nothing, he poured what was left of the pitcher and drank from the used cup. We just ordered food and only had 4 small chicken wings on the table.

As he was about to leave, this waitress saw him and stopped him to ask.

"Sir ano po yun?," the old man replied but I wasn't able to make of what he said. But the waitress replied, "Sandali lang po sir bibigyan ko po kayo ng pagkain," and she asked him to sit down.

Then she went out to give him a plate, utensils and a glass of softdrink. Curious, I waited for what would happen next.

To my surprise, the waitress handed him a whole box of pizza. To his delight, the old man almost wanted to cry. He ate and kept the leftover in his bag and waited for the waitress to pass by him. When she did, the old man said Salamat then left.

Another group of men who saw this also handed him money, including my husband.

I don't know, I've done stories like these when I was a reporter and it never gets old. The kindness of people, the generosity and selflessness of others still amazes me. I told my husband, the waitress could have shooed the old guy away but she didn't. She didn't give him a set meal (which was what I expected), and instead gave him her free box of pizza. One whole box.

She treated him like a regular, paying customer, even calling him "Sir."

That to me is amazing. And really commendable.

What a way to start the year. 

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