PRRD sets sights on 'Illegal recruiters'

PRRD sets sights on 'Illegal recruiters'

In this modern age of the internet, slavery in different parts of the world still exist.

Sad to say, some of those slaves are Filipino contract workers in the Middle East.

Armed with a passionate urge to help the family out of poverty, they are being lured by scrupulous illegal recruiters promising them employment in some country in the Middle East only to be employed in their version of hell on earth.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
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The Chief Executive wants this practice stopped and has now sets his sights in eradicating if not limiting to the barest minimum such influence of these so called illegal recruiters.

“Kayong mga recruiter gusto ko talagang patayin kayo. Kasi ito ‘pag may makita problema niya, she will say punta ka ng Middle East. Pagdating doon sa Middle East, nagkaproblema, or are sold to questionable Arab families (I really want to kill (these illegal) recruiters who seize every problem to convince people to go to the Middle East. But when the recruit arrives in the Middle East, the problem develops or they are being sold to questionable Arab families),” he said

The President said his heart bleeds every time he hears stories of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) jumping off the windows of their employers' homes because they could no longer take the punishment of being slaves.

“How many…? Almost once, twice a week tumatalon lang sa ano (they jump off). So maybe the human degradation is really at its worst. What I know is that if he cleans the master’s house, he still has to clean the house of the daughter-in-law, and the house of another son, and the house of another relative,” he said.
Worst, the president said OFWs were also being sexually abused and raped aside from being made to work 21 hours a day.
“Kasali ang rape. Kaya makita mo ‘yung mga kasa --- ating kababayan diretso tumatalon sa labas. Wala ng seremonya, talon ‘yan diretso (There is rape. That is why you see our countryment, they just jump off (the buidings). No more ceremony, they just do it),” the Chief Executive  added.
The sad plight of our OFWs has also caused family dysfunction back home.

“How many families are broken? How many families are…? When the father starts to take drugs, his family is out at risk. At risk because he would start craving for it. Usually, itong mga (these illegal recruiters) --- gusto ko ring patayin ‘yan (I also want to kill them),” he added.
Duterte then clarified that not all Arabs were abusive.
“Remember ha? Not all but there are Arabs who still practice slavery. And if you are a paid handler or an outright slave na binili sa African market of slavery, ‘yang rape na ‘yan (that rape) is inevitable,” he said.
President Duterte said unscrupulous recruiters who usually cause the problem confronting OFWs must be stopped.

“Sabagay itong illegal recruitment no bail ‘yan. Pero mas gusto kong mag --- bigyan ng sample. Para talaga huminto na (Illegal recruitment is non bailable. But I want to give them a sample. So that it will already stop),” he added. 

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