PNP says crime rate downtrend means successful anti-drug ops

PNP says crime rate downtrend means successful anti-drug ops

If the drug war is a massive failure, how can we explain the crime rating in a downward since the start of the term of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
The significant decline of crime rate is a proof of the Duterte administration's victory in its intensified campaign against all forms of criminality, particularly illegal drugs,according to a Philippine National Police official.

"This is clear proof that President Duterte's drug war is winning. And we have been on the right path in the campaign against illegal drugs because the consistent decline in crime means continuous improvement in peace and order," Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, chief of PNP Directorial Staff, said in a statement.
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As per PNP data, From July 2016 when the drug war was launched up to June 2018, data showed a 21.5 percent decline in the country's crime rate compared to crime data from July 2014 to June 2016.
For the entire 2018, there was a 9 percent decrease in the crime volume compared in 2017. An average of 3 to 5 percent was also recorded in the first three quarters of 2019.
Metro Manila because of its big population is identified as the favorite playground of drug syndicates.

Manila its significance in the Peace and Order of the country

Eleazar highlighted the importance of Metro Manila in the link between crime and illegal drugs since the country's main region serves as a picture of the crime situation in the country.
In highlighting the importance of peace and order in gauging the impact of the drug war, Eleazar noted some of the observations by the PNP leadership.
Eleazar explains that most of the criminal acts committed are drug-related -- either the perpetrators are high on drugs when they committed rape or murder for instance or that those who engaged in robbery and snatching were doing it to have enough money to buy shabu.

He added that in a number of cases, some of the arrested or slain drug users and pushers were involved in multiple criminal cases.
"We should also not forget that it is the people in the barangay themselves who were saying that the peace and order situation in their community has improved significantly because of the drug war. It is these people themselves who are now saying that the drug pushers and users, who used to be neighborhood toughies, are now scared," Eleazar said.

Courage to report to the PNP

Eleazer, also took note the community now have the courage to report to the police the drug users and pushers in their barangay because they saw an ally in the police in running after illegal drug personalities.

This is the reason, according to Eleazar, why the drug war continuously enjoys the trust and confidence of the public which eventually translated to high trust, satisfaction and popularity ratings of President Duterte in various surveys.
"It is unfair not to include the impact of the drug war on peace and order because it is the people in the community who experience and witness the improvement in peace and order due to our campaign against illegal drugs," Eleazar explained.

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