PH eyes use of small nuclear reactors for power generation'

PH eyes use of small nuclear reactors for power generation'

It is common in all developing nations to have such big demands for energy,being a progressive country would always entail that such country has ample supply of electricity.

Former President Ferdinand Marcos tried to make a solution way befor the country will be in such situation – the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant in Limay, Bataan was constructed. Sadly after the revolution former President Corazon Aquino did not gave any chance being operational and that was in the 1980’s

Fast forward to present times, the very first world’s small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) have started giving electricity in a coastal in town in Russia. And now that is it being such a technology is not bad for an archipelagic country like the Philippines.

The newly-painted Akademik Lomonosov in Murmansk
(photo credit to owner)

As per the World Nuclear Association (WNA), the power barge Akademik Lomonosov—installed with two SMRs with a combined output of 64 megawatts—has started commercial operations, providing “much needed clean electricity and heat to this remote arctic community” of Pevek town in the Russian Far East.

“It is fantastic to see this innovative new floating nuclear power plant begin operating just in time for the winter celebrations,” WNA director general Agneta Rising said in a statement

It replaced an old nuclear power plant as well as a coal-fired power plant that provided electricity to at least 50,000 people in the area.

The London-based WNA said the pioneering SMRs represent “an important evolution in nuclear technology” as they complement large reactors since SMRs expand the range of useful nuclear applications.

“There are around 50 advanced nuclear technologies under development at the moment with many countries pursuing novel designs and seeking to use nuclear technology for new and exciting applications,” Rising said.

“Th[ese] may be the world’s first SMR, but many more will soon follow,” she added. “These smaller reactors are well-suited for supplying electricity to hard-to-reach regions as well as serving smaller grids and industrial centers.”

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