NPA rebels, tied, starved,& killed IP leader while in Holiday truce

NPA rebels, tied, starved,& killed IP leader while in Holiday truce

A  witness has come out to state what he has witness, which is a clear case of the ceasefire violation of the New People’s Army this holiday season.

A son of an Indigenous Peoples (IP) leader was killed by some members of the NPA last New Year’s Day has come out to tell the hardship his father had to endure and experienced while in the hands of the rebels.

Gali (not his true name, for security reasons), 11 years old , recounted their ordeal that started in the noontime of December 31, 2019 up to the early morning of January 1, 2020.

Son of the late Datu Bontola Tinaghao Mansinugdan, the only witness in the killing of his father by the NPA
(Photo credit to PNA)

The lifeless body of Datu Bontola Tinaghao Mansinugdan, was recovered by the members of Higaonon tribe on January 2 at Kinabonglohan Creek in Barangay Kinamaybay, Esperanza, Agusan del Sur.

Gail said he accompanied his father early morning of New Year’s Eve to check the traps they laid for wild boars in Upper Agsabo, in the hinterlands of Kinamaybay.

He said they were about to finish checking the traps when they chanced upon more or less 20-30 NPA rebels.

“One of the NPA called my father ‘bayaw’ (brother-in-law) but I did not recognize him. They had a conversation and then they tied my father’s hands,” Gali narrated.

After tying his father's hands, the armed men brought them near the Kinabonglohan Creek where they stayed overnight.

“I heard them speaking about killing my father. I could not understand why. I was so afraid because they were fully-armed,” Gali said.

They were not given food from December 31 until the morning of January 1,Gali said.

“I was so hungry. They separated me from my father and there’s no one I could ask for food. They ate but they did not give us food,” the boy said.

“They brought me away from my father. I could not refuse because I was so afraid. They led him towards a big ‘Tugob’ tree. Then I heard a gunshot,” he said.

Gali said an NPA combatant then approached him saying: “Now you can go home. Your father is already dead.”
But he refused to go home and instead ran towards the direction where his father was executed by the rebels.

“I saw his body lying in the ground covered with leaves of 'mam-on' (palm) tree. He had wound in the head. He was already dead,” Gali said.
He then left and ran fast towards the direction of their village.
“I was crying while running. I was afraid they would kill me. I cried for my father. I pitied him,” Gali said.
With the death of their father, Gali and his siblings are now totally orphaned.

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Report from PNA

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