Heroism tales in Taal : Syrian vlogger with Filipino heart all-out sa pagtulong

Heroism tales in Taal : Syrian vlogger with Filipino heart all-out sa pagtulong

In times of natural calamities and disasters and when everybody is in a state of shock.

Good hearted individuals will always rise up to the occasion, and now that the Taal volcano is unrest and is in a state of impending major eruption, residents in the area surrounding the volcano are having to deal with the harmful effects of the volcano’s spewed ash.

Mask more than ever is needed by the residents of Batangas and Cavite province, to be in full protection from the bad effects of the ash fall in our respiratory system the N95 kind is the most preferred.

Basel Manadil (photo credit to PDI)

But since some scrupulous and profit thinking sellers of the mask has hoarded them in order to command a higher price, it has resulted to hoarding of the N95 ask.

A foreigner of Syrian decent made the ultimate good smaritan moment and scoured stores in Metro Manila for the mask that he can buy and eventually to be given to those affected by the Taal’s phreatic eruption in Batangas.

Basel saidvin his FB Post:2

“I bought everything I find (hundreds of box with 50 pcs masks each box, not bad) even its pricey to give away for free to anyone and bring to Batangas and Tagaytay myself,”
 said Basel Manadil of “the Hungry Syrian Wanderer”

“So I went around and get everything that I can possibly purchase and give people free whoever I come across with. Next, we will be heading to the evacuation centers giving away n95 masks, blankets, diapers, water etc,” dagdag ni Basel. “We’re coming for you.”

(screen grabbed from Basil Manadil FB page)

Basel has endeared himself to some netizens because of his inspiring vlog contents wherein he has been doing humanitarian deeds for the benefit of those who are in need.

He was 18 years old when he arrived in the Philippines to escape the harsh life in Syria in civil war then in 2013.

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Report from PDI

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