Filipino style Bayanihan : Free Laundry sa mga bakwit dahil sa pagsabog ng Taal

Filipino style Bayanihan : Free Laundry sa mga bakwit dahil sa pagsabog ng Taal

Filipinos will always show the true “bayanihan” spirit in time of natural disasters.

We all know because of atleast 20 typhoons that visits the country, earthquakes and because of fire accidents life of an evacuee is stripped to the barest minimum.

Basis necessity will always be water , food , and clothings, days fter the disaster different problems would start to arise and that is where help is most neede – the frequency of help coupled of helping the evacuees help themselves is a must.

(Photo from Ms. Maria Carolina V. Dominguez Facebook account)

Since the Taal eruption last January 12, evacuation centers are not really capable of giving everything – a decent toilet is always a problem. Food to eat is dependent on the relief goods that was provided.

(Photo from Ms. Maria Carolina V. Dominguez Facebook account)

In this event, we thank the selfless and heroic personalities who really want to make the life of the evacuees a little bit lighter.

In a Facebook post of Ms. Maria Carolina V. Dominguez, they were motivated to make the lives of the evacuees a little bit improved from what they have in the government designated evacuation centers by establishing a laundry area complete with washing machines.

God Bless you guys for this endeavor and may God Bless you back ten times fold.

(Photo from Ms. Maria Carolina V. Dominguez Facebook account)

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Today was a good day. Gideon Gideon, Connie and I made considerable progress towards relieving conditions in the two relief centers we have adopted. We delivered 20 washing machines and 10 TVs. We set up a laundry/washing area in front of the clinic of Flordeliz Figueroa Afable and her husband.

The conditions for preparing food for those living in the relief centers could be vastly improved. So our next step is to build a soup kitchen. A nearby Montessori school has generously allowed us to use an open area on the school’s premises for the kitchen and dining area. We intend hiring evacuees to work in the kitchen.

But much remains to be done. Can you imagine this? People line up and wait half a day for food. The line for the shower is another half-day wait. There is only one toilet for 1,500 people.
To paraphrase the poet, we have miles to go before we sleep, but seeing improvements in the lives of these people – many of whom have lost virtually every material thing they ever owned – keeps us going. We are grateful for your support. Thanks for joining us today Caroline Cheng Giraud and Gelay Arce.


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