‘Desperate forces’ behind withdrawal of ICC complaint vs Duterte - De Lima

‘Desperate forces’ behind withdrawal of ICC complaint vs Duterte - De Lima

The plot thickens so much so that it might back fire already?

This seems to be what going inside the mind of detained opposition senator Leila De Lima when she declared that there can be “desperate forces” behind the withdrawal of the complaint before the International Criminal Court (ICC)as against President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Duterte is facing a complaint filed in the ICC for the alleged crimes against humanity in his brutal and relentless war on drugs.

Detaines Senator Leila De Lima
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De Lima, one of the staunchest critic of the President gave a statement regarding the decision of Atty. Jude Sabio’s decision withdrawing the ICC complaint that was filed in 2017.

“I feel sorry for Atty. Sabio. I can understand that he is going through personal issues that forced him to turn his back on the cause of the victims of mass atrocities. Whatever is the true reason for such an awful move. Atty. Sabio has become very vulnerable to the machinations from the dark forces,” Senator De Lima said in a statement.

“I’m pretty sure there are forces, desperate ones, behind this development,” she added.

De Lima suspects that the voices of temptation could be difficult to resist” that prompted Atty. Sabio’s move.

However, De Lima said the action is “too late” and will hardly have a significant effect on the progress of the current ICC intervention as there are other communications filed against President Duterte.

“The Sabio Communication may be the first, but not the only one under consideration by the ICC,” the former justice secretary of the Aquino administration said.

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