“Why does Philippine media always give bad news about your country?” - Korean Media

“Why does Philippine media always give bad news about your country?” - Korean Media

Are we a country of unpatriotic citizens to his/her motherland?
The ongoing 30th edition of the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games after the formal opening has been reaping all the praises and accolades not only from local personalities.

Honorary Vice President of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Wei Jizhong was so impressed with our staging early on suggested that the country should make a bid for the 2030 Asian Games.
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Barely a week from the opening the country got another pat on ots back when the Philippine Southeast Asia Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC)  was awarded the Best SEA Games organizer by the Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) Asia.
But sadly this was not the first news that was told by the media, days leading to the formal opening mainstream media was a buzz regarding accommodation problems with foreign athletes, food preparation not at par with what is expected, all the negatives to make it seem this hosting is a failure.
Veteran Filipino Journalist Ira Panganiban was surprised and dumbfounded when a fellow Asian, a Korean to be precise asked him : “Talking to a Korean media friend and he asks “why does your media always give bad news about your country to the world? Can they not help without other countries involved? Don’t they love your country?” And I can only stay silent,” he wrote this in his Twitter post.

In a separate post, Mr. Panganiban also lambasted Filipinos who comment negatively on the country’s hosting of the SEA Games.
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“Noong pinakita mga fake na pangit na sports venues “poth ang pngit kakahiy tayo!” Nung pinakita totoong magandang venues “ang mahal saan gagamitin yan pagkatapos!” Taena walang tamang ginawa ano?” according to Panganiban.
The mainstream media's focus on the negative side of the SEA Games began when opposition Senator Frank Drilon criticized the P50 million cauldron to be used in the game.
He said, the price tag of the cauldron seems to be so expensive and is too much for the government to spend to.

In reply to the alleged expensive cauldron for this SEA Games hosting the Bases Conversion and Development Authority President (BCDA)said the large portion of the fund was used for the underground flaming mechanisms to keep viewers and athletes safe in Clark City.

“The flaming mechanism must be underground and must far away to avoid any accidents. I think that was the most expensive part… But like what I said. the cauldron is a symbol. It is a tribute and monument to the sport and to our athletes, “ explained BCDA President Vince Dizon.

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