PASKO SA PINAS: Tuloy ba ang pagkanta sa mga condition na ito? :)

PASKO SA PINAS: Tuloy ba ang pagkanta sa mga condition na ito? :)

The Philippines brags for having the longest Christmas celebration in the planet, once the “ber” months has sets in – the celebration begins.

One of the most iconic way celebrating the season is the Filipino children singing Christmas carols in different houses.

The songs would usually be the ones in tagalog, English, Spanish, or any combination from the three.
(Photo courtesy of Glendale Lapastora)

The yearly station ID of ABS-CBN has somehow made the list the songs the kids would sing.

But lately the distinction for being the number 1 Christmas song belongs to Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in our Hearts”, it safe to say that it has reached the same iconic status as “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit” , “Jingle Bells” and “Feliz Navidad” in the songs being sung by Filipino kids when going from house to house singing Christmas carols.

One that has gone viral is a post in front of a house in Barangay De Ocampo, Trece Martires City in the province of Cavite wherein it addresses the carolers.

Would you still sing proceed with your Christmas carol medleys, after reading the post?

High risks, high rewards seems to be the simple interpretation of the post , plus its upper funny- very Filipino.

The post announced the rates of money street carolers would get depending the choice, delivery , and performance of the Christmas song.

Netizen Glendale Lapastora, who is also from the same area, he was walking around the village when he saw the signage on the gate of his neighbor.

Full quoted post see below: 

Di ko na kinunan ang buong bahay for privacy reasons,” the uploader said.
According to the “management” of the house, every Christmas performance has a corresponding amount of money. Those who will be able to perform a K-pop song with correct lyrics will get P20.
“Meron na ngang nagreact sabi nga nila di na daw sila nagka-caroling sa harap nila dahil diyan, daming requests!” he added. 

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