I just hope that my successor continue the illegal drug war

I just hope that my successor continue the illegal drug war

It is a dream of every leader that whoever who will succeed him would continue the reforms/programs he has started.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is not an exception to this scenario, and most especially to a policy that is so close to his heart and would forever be used against him in teaching the future of Filipinos with respect to the legacy he would leave- his declaration of war against the illegal drug trade.

Said policy has been highly controversial since from the very start, Duterte has labelled such policy as “everyday fight of Filipinos.”
Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte
(photo credit to PhilStar)

He took upon himself to waged this uphill battle even calling it as his “sacred duty” to fight illegal drugs, which is punishing Filipinos and making families dysfunctional.
“I just hope that my successor – perhaps he does not want a really strong reaction, maybe you can temper it a little – but he should not forget about drugs. Drugs is destroying our country,” the President said during the 156th anniversary celebration of Gat Andres Bonifacio.
“If the father goes down because of drugs, it will be a dysfunctional family for all. There is no more food on the table, there is no more discipline for the children, and the wife and husband invariably will separate,” he added.

“The problem is there are plenty of them every day recruiting, because those affected by drugs will look for a victim to support his habit... Maybe his own wife or his children will contaminate him to support his own. When the monkey rides on the back, then he has to have the fix,” he said.
“We are being punished. We are being imposed and beaten by drugs and it’s not our fault. Drug lords and then the young and all... It is an everyday occurrence and it is an everyday fight for the Filipino,” he added.

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Report from PhilStar

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