Duterte to his critics/detractors: Kung ayaw n’yo sa akin, mas ayaw ko sa inyo!

Duterte to his critics/detractors: Kung ayaw n’yo sa akin, mas ayaw ko sa inyo!

Being the highest elected official of the land, criticisms from detractors and opponents are just part of the territory.
A seasoned politician moreso understands this usual predicament.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte may have reached his top when he said out of exasperation that he had enough of his critics, so much so he does not or will not give any attention as to how his detractors attacks him.
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
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“I am not the President of just one entity or organization. I am a guy who was elected by the people,” said Duterte during the inauguration of his daughter and son, Sara Duterte-Carpio and Baste respectively after being newly elected in Davao city.

The President said he will not be bothered anymore by his critics, because he knows they will always be there to criticize every move he makes.
“Ang motto ko noong na-mayor ako dito at Presidente ako, pareho. It’s almost parallel. Ang bunganga ko, dala-dala ko rin. If they say that I am not a statesman, I never claimed to be one. At wala mang subject na statesmanship doon sa law school. Obligation and Contracts, Criminal Law,”  Duterte said.

“If they do not like my character, the more that I do not like them. So why should I follow them?” the President added.

The Chief Executive is so used to being criticized by his detractors that he has already made his own game in dealing with them.

“There has to be a limit in everything. And I choose my time to stop attacking. Alam mo kasi may mga religious diyan pati itong mga Yellow, before the elections, they were already crucifying me,” he added.

“After the elections, they continued. In two months, nag-ano na sila ng revolutionary and they were marching down the streets of Manila,” he said.

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