British national calls out local and Int'l press: Filipinos should be commended for their efforts re the SEA Games 2019

British national calls out local and Int'l press: Filipinos should be commended for their efforts re the SEA Games 2019

The sensationalism of the hitches in the events that happen to some of the Southeast Asian Football team has taken a life on its own.

No matter the real reason behind it, one cannot help but think that it was kinda systematic which resulted to the besmirching of the current Duterte administration.

Mainstream media had a feast day in reporting the shortcomings that lead to the news being viral.

British National Malcolm Conlan
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It was blown out of proportion to the extent that it is the whole result of the country’s staging of the 30th Southeast Asian Games altogether.

What is sad is that the issue was made as a political tool to attack President Rodrigo Roa Duterte as leader of the country.

Opposition leaders did not think twice if whether or not it will redound to the benefit of the country as a whole.

A foreign national, a United Kingdom citizen to be exact has made himself heard when he asked for peace among the different political factions of the country and a call to rally behind the national athletes who will carry the tricolor in the SEA Games.

Reality will set in and at the end of the day no host can have a 100% worry staging of the games, and this has been supported by some of our very own athletes that this things/mishaps do happen in other countries but are not blown out of proportion because everybody must focus on the games at hand.

For the complete open letter of Mr. Malcolm Conlan, we have quoted it in full below:

An Open Letter to the local and international press organisations covering the SEAGAMES2019.

The Philippines and Filipino people should be commended for their efforts in support of the 2019 SEA Games games currently taking place in the country.

I know that a massive amount of effort and painstaking preparation has gone into making these games the success they deserve to be, by a multitude of dedicated, hardworking individuals.

Sadly, you can’t please everyone however. Think about it, hundreds of participants from the SEA region have converged into the country, each with their own personal expectations and personalised needs.

It’s totally impossible to get it 100% right, 100% of the time.

What may be a brilliant experience for one person, may be a good experience for another and even acceptable experience for another, all staying in the same hotel with the same facilities.

That’s just how life works, you only have to look at Trip Advisor reviews to see that people’s personal experiences can differ widely.

Regardless, these games are of immense importance to all Filipinos as those participating from the Philippines are competing for the sake of the country.
 The aim is to win as many medals as possible for your own nation.

Does anyone really believe that ANY negative press is beneficial to the Philippines or her people?

There has been so much fake news being banded about from many sources, not only from the Philippines, but also from press in other countries too.

All of this is a disturbance to all the athletes, the Filipino and the nation.

I really hope and pray that people are just able to focus on the games and not be sidetracked my useless nonsense. Thank you.

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