SoKor thanks anew PH military's help in Korean War

SoKor thanks anew PH military's help in Korean War

The Philippine and South Korean relations runs deeper than the K-dramas that the country loves to watch.
History will tell us that once the bravery and courage of the Filipino soldier, the first Asian country to send combat forces that served under the United Nations flag helping/defending the South Koreans against the invading Chinese-backed North Koreans.

South Korean Ambassador to the Philippines, thanked the Philippines for responding to the call, the very first Asian country to send its combat troops to fight side by side with their South Korean counterparts.
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He made the remarks in a speech before the crowd of surviving members and families of the Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (PEFTOK) at the Diamond Hotel in Manila 
In 1950 the Philippines sent 7,240 Filipino troops when war broke out in the Korean Peninsula, making it the first Asian country to respond to the call of the United Nations (UN) to help South Korea when it was invaded by Chinese communist forces.
Han said South Korea will never forget the goodness of the Filipino people for helping his country at a time it needed most.

Han remembers the sacrifices of the Filipino troops, that helped in preserving the freedom and democracy of his country.
The SoKor ambassador said such magnanimous act has “deepened the strong ties” between South Korea and the Philippines through the years.
During the war, Filipino troops from the 10th, 14th, 19th, 20th and 1st Battalion Combat Teams (BCTs) fought side by with South Koreans and allied forces against Chinese and North Korean troops.

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