Veteran journalist list consequences if SOGIE bill allowed to be a law

Veteran journalist list consequences if SOGIE bill allowed to be a law

The debate goes on about the sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (Sogie) bill being championed by Senator Rissa Hontiveros in the Senate. 

One of the most vocal in its apposition of the SOGIE bill is the Senate President Tito Sotto.

The Senate President has made it public his opposition by saying that such bill is actually against women’s rights.

Prime mover of the SOGIE bill in the Senate
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“They should not compare women, the entirety of one half of the world, to a certain group. Women cannot be compared to a group,” Sotto said.

“I hate to say this, but I have to. If you are a man, you will never be a woman no matter what you do because you cannot reproduce,” the Senate President said.

“You cannot give birth, you do not have ovaries. You will never be a woman. The Sogie bill is a bill against women’s rights… It’s class legislation,” he added.

Veteran journalist Mr. Ermin Garcia Jr. in his Facebook post lays down the (some) consequences if the said proposed bill is legislated to be a law. And the current status of our dear senators deliberating on the proposed bill.

Quoted below is the full Facebook post of Mr. Garcia, for public information, understanding, and clarity of our readers.


1.It will make it legal to teach LGBTQIA + in our schools and make it punishable by law to quote Bible verses against homosexuality in public;

2. Male perverts pretending to be women will freely enter CRs reserved for our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters and anyone who stops them can be charged in court;

3. Established regulations in military, police, etc will grant exemptions to them and create divisions that will risk lives of our law enforcers;

4. Parental control over our children will be questioned on every turn;

5. WORSE, anything that crosses the line vs a LGBTQIA+ will be considered a criminal offense that will impose jail term and fines up to P500K!

But there is no law to protect communities vs abuses and scandals perpetrated by LGBTQUA+ members who insist on breaking established rules, regulations because they are LGBTQIA+ members.

SOGIE will strongly discriminate vs those who choose to keep their own lifestyle contrary to preferences of LGBTQIA+ with a threat of criminal sanction.

HELP mga anti-sogie voice their objections

1.   Gatchalian 2. Lacson 3. Pacquiao 4. Sotto
5. Villanueva 6. Cayetano 7. Dela Rosa 8. Lapid
9. Pimentel
LABANAN mga Pro-sogie arguments nila-

1.   De Lima 2. Drilon 3. Gordon 4. Hontiveros
5. Pangilinan 6. Recto 7. Zubiri 8. Angara 9. Binay 10. Go 11. Marcos 12. Poe
13. Villar


1. Revilla 2. Tolentino
Idalangin po natin sila na sana magbago isip at tutulan ang sogie bill

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