‘Put up your own school’ - Private schools’ group who rejects SOGIE

‘Put up your own school’ - Private schools’ group who rejects SOGIE

 A group of private schools are not silent about their stand of not supporting the sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression (SOGIE) Equality Bill, and has in fact urged those supporting the said bill “put up a school of their own.”

The Federation of Associations of Private Schools & Administrators (FAPSA) said that those pushing for the passage of the SOGIE bill “have gone overboard with their “demands.”

FAPSA warns if their demands proceeds unabated they are suggesting a separate school should be put up for them so as to avoid confusion among other learners and other members of the learning institutions.

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“They have gone overboard,” said FAPSA President Eleazardo Kasilag“They” pertaining to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community calling for the passage of the SOGIE bill, as well as those who are supporting it.

FAPSA, which caters to issues on the operation of private schools as well as concerns on school management, said that its member schools also expressed reservations accepting students on the basis of SOGIE. “

“We do not even know how to call them? SOGIE creature? Heaven sent?  Normal alien or just SOGIE kid?” Kasilag asked. “How do we answer toddlers, ‘where they came from if they are not he or she’,” he lamented.

FAPSA member schools, Kasilag said, supports diversity of learners. “We accommodate Muslims and other faiths, being non-sectarian schools, most of us, but to accept new enrollees who shall demand our schools’ vision, mission and objectives radically changed just to welcome them, they better put up a school of their own,” he noted.
“We do not want to change our school vision, our objectives or adjust our understanding our morals,” he stressed.

Kasilag clarifies that FAPSA “has no quarrel” with the LGBTQ csince some of the FAPSA officers and teachers belong to the LGBTQ community. “[Some of them are] gay and lesbians and they are well-respected but this SOGIE [bill] is bending us over too far,” he stressed.

Kasilag notes that private schools has no intention of creating “gender-neutral toilets’ because “we do not have budget for that.”
Kasilag then asked how the public schools under the Department of Education (DepEd) would adjust to the proposal. “I also wonder how the public schools, which do not have enough toilets, can cope with this demand,” he added.

Status quo should be maintained

FAPSA as an organization has a stand that if the SOGIE bill becomes a law it shall “tilt the equilibrium when policies change to accommodate them” – noting that the school manual and regulations are not something that can be altered and influenced easily.

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