Poe sets conditions in granting Duterte emergency powers

Poe sets conditions in granting Duterte emergency powers

In the continuation of the Senate Public Services Committee hearing chaired by senator Grace Poe, she said the proposed emergency powers for the president in solving the traffic in Metro Manila will be set with some preconditions.

Poe said, such emergency power must be tied to a traffic action plan with targets and deadlines to ensure accountability.

“No accountability, no deal. Siyempre kapag mayroon tayong kapangyarihan, mas malaki ang responsibilidad. Hindi puwedeng puro powers lang pero walang plano (Of course, great power comes with greater responsibility. We can’t just grant powers without concrete plans),” Poe said.
Poe also reiterated that the Department of Transportation (DOTr) must also be fiscally responsible by providing a specific list of projects that will be covered by the emergency powers.

Sen. Grace Poe's obstructionist view in solving the traffic of Metro Manila, and Pres. Duterte
who is solving the traffic mess despite limited options.
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“This bill is not a credit card for DOTr's Christmas wish list. It is closer in nature to a Public Works Acts which contains a detailed list of projects and sources of appropriations,” Poe said.

“Hindi tayo dapat mabaon sa utang na hanggang sa ating mga kaapu-apuhan ay ating babayaran (We should not be buried in debt that even the future generations would be burdened to pay),” she added.

She further adds that the said granting of emergency powers must also be a “Freedom of Information seal of approval” to promote transparency for the infrastructure projects that the government will undertake in relation to the worsening traffic.
“These conditions are not unreasonable. We have to make sure that any grant of emergency powers is placed in responsible hands. Even better if our existing laws can be harmonized with creative transport plans without the need for new powers,” she said.
The 2016 presidential aspirant stressed the need to craft a transportation system masterplan which identifies short, medium and long-term projects with sufficient funding and achievable deadlines.

“We need implementation, implementation, implementation. I think no other urban area in the world has a longer list of unimplemented plans and decades of study than Mega Manila,” Poe said.
She also noted that the problem lies in the absence of a master plan, not in the lack of powers.
“It is not the lack of powers but the lack of a master plan. We have an approved dream plan but it is unclear if our transport agencies have adopted it for implementation. The cost to implement the dream plan is less than what we are losing daily due to the traffic problem,” she adds.

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  1. Hahahahaha. Grace Trapoe, sir Digong is well correct. Its too late now less than three years for his government to soñve the traffic Edsa congestion. It is true now it is your Legacy, billions of pesos being wasted due to your absolute ignorance and stupodity that the Edsa problem will not have resolve. Pac. Q, Pac. Q, Pac. Q, Grace Trapoe. Galing ka nga sa trapo. Gaga.