Philippine Army to create more brigade combat teams

Philippine Army to create more brigade combat teams

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is slowly shifting its doctrine in terms of emphasis in external defense rather maintaining focus in just internal matters- and this is very much evident by the creation of two more brigade combat teams (BCTs).

Army Spokesperson Lt. Col. Ramon Zagalasaid the Philippine Army targeted to activate the second brigade combat team within the year and the third next year.

The first BCT was recently dispatched and is now  based in Sulu.

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The typical combat teams would consist of around 1,500 to 1,700 trained officers and enlisted personnel.

The creation of more combat teams for the country would allow the Army to have a force ready to fight threats, Zagala said.

"It must be able to project power and dominate the enemy," he said.

The Army Spokesperson said the brigade combat teams (BCTs) are planned to be a modern combined-arms team that is supported by "enablers" such as modern artillery, to include air defenses and land base missile systems and aviation.

"This BCT will have infantry, mechanized, artillery, aviation and special operations and other support enablers for them to be able to utilize the land power maneuver concept and utilize its capabilities to defeat current, emerging and future threats," Zagala added.

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