MRT-3 on Dalian trains : 3 trains ready for use this September

MRT-3 on Dalian trains : 3 trains ready for use this September

At long last some good news to get us by in the horrendous traffic of EDSA.

The Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) reported that it is ready to deploy 3 Dalian trains on the rail line within a few days, it is just awaiting the agreement between the  Department Transportation (DOTr) and maintenance and rehabilitation provider Sumitomo-MHI-TESP is reached.

MRT-3 director Michael Capati  was quoted during the press conference saying that they been working on inserting the Dalian trains as soon as possible, which could possibly happen within the month, depending on the talks between the top-level managements of the DOTr and Sumitomo.
Chinese made trains from purchased by the previous administration.
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“We are doing our best to make sure na ma-insert namin ang (we insert the) Dalian as soon as possible--hopefully this month,” Capati told reporters 
The MRT-3 management is just awaiting the agreement of Sumitomo to its presented terms.
Daily average of trains used are between 13 to 15 train sets are running along the MRT-3 line, which will increase by three following the insertion of the three Dalian trains, which already underwent testing and compatibility works.

Capati was quoted in saying that upon completion of the comprehensive rehabilitation of the rail line, all 20 first-generation trains of the MRT-3 could also be deployed, increasing the average number of running trains to 18 to 20, not including Dalian trains which total to 10.
“Kapag na-rehab na natin ang mga tren, kaya natin mag-deploy ng bente. Yung una natin. Tapos, kung hypothetically, maayos natin yung buong Dalian, kaya natin ng 30. (Once we complete the rehabilitation of our trains, we could deploy 20. That’s the first generation of trains. And hypothetically, if we manage to fix all Dalian trains, we could have 30.) So that's our capacity,” Capati said.
The MRT-3 official also gave an explanation that there is a direct correlation between the number of trains and its average speed. An increase in number of running trains will also increase the average speed of its trains to about 60 kph from the current 30 kph once rail replacement works are complete.
Dalian trains were both in 2016, but have remained idle over issues of incompatibility regarding weight, signaling and maintenance equipment.

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