JIL Villanueva hails SC decision over same sex marriage : It preserves honor and dignity Filipinos

JIL Villanueva hails SC decision over same sex marriage : It preserves honor and dignity Filipinos

The recent decision of the Philippine Supreme Court is being hailed as preservation of the rightful status quo.

The SC dismissed the petition of allowing a same sex marriage in the country.

CIBAC partylist and Jesus is Lord (JIL)founder Bro. Eddie Villanueva is rejoicing for the said decision, he is known to be opposing the sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (Sogie) bill.

CIBAC Partylist Eddie Villanueva and Trans Gretchen Diez
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“CONGRATULATIONS to all members of Philippine Supreme Court voting 15-0 in denying yesterday a petition seeking to legalize same sex marriage in the country!! Preserving the honor and dignity of the Filipino people is a great service to GOD AND COUNTRY!!!” 

(screengrabbed from Twitter)

Earlier, Villanueva has expressed his concern over the SOGIE bill since it is so encompassing that it might trample on free speech and religion.

In one of his twitter post he says:

““The constitution & several laws are already there to ensure the rights of LGBTQs. This bill threatens the freedoms of non LGBTQs. What we need is proper monitoring, implementation” Villanueva also quotes a 1970’s study of former John Hopkins psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh saying, “Transgenderism is a mental health disorder”. (John Hopkins does not support this today)”

Senate President Tito Sotto one of the vocal opposition of the SOGIE bill in the Senate says that:

(screengrabbed from Twitter)

“They should not compare women, the entirety of one half of the world, to a certain group. Women cannot be compared to a group,” he said.

“I hate to say this, but I have to. If you are a man, you will never be a woman no matter what you do because you cannot reproduce,” Sotto said.

“You cannot give birth,you do not have ovaries. You will never be a woman. The Sogie bill is a bill against women’s rights… It’s class legislation,” he added.

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