De Lima hits ‘heartless’ Pres Duterte for refusing foreign aid

De Lima hits ‘heartless’ Pres Duterte for refusing foreign aid

There is no stopping detained opposition senator Leila De Lima in her attacks to this administration or directly to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
The lady senator just called president Duterte as “heartless” as she condemns the alleged order to refuse grants and aid from other countries for the families of victims of his administration’s war against drugs.

De Lima is referring to the grants and aids tht were offered by the countries who voted to approve a United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution calling for an investigation into the Philippines’ drug war killings.
Detaines Senator Leila De Lima and her considered nemesis President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
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There were 18 countries that voted for the approval of the said resolution namely: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Fiji, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Uruguay.

De Lima reasons out that Duterte would rather face losing the aids and grants from the said countries than stop the alleged extrajudicial killings linked to his administration’s controversial and relentless war against drugs.

“Pinapatay na nga ang mga mahihirap sa araw-araw na tokhang, ipinagkakait pa sa kanila ang ayudang galing sa ibang bansa na matagal nang pinakikinabangan ng ating mga mahihirap na kababayan,” De Lima said in a statement.

[The poor are being killed in the daily tokhang operations. And now they are being denied aid that have long been benefiting our poor countrymen.]

“This heartless President rather prefers onerous loans from China, simply because China supports his murderous policies at the UNHRC and in the international arena, without questions asked,” De Lima said.

“For Duterte, it is better to bury the country in debt with billions in Chinese loans, rather than benefit from free aid and grants from countries, who just happen to also ask for a stop to his murderous drug war,” she added.

De Lima called Chine loans as “blood money.”

“Umuutang tayo sa China para maipagpatuloy ni Duterte ang pagpatay sa mga mahihirap, para walang tigil na mayurakan ang ating mga karapatan at kapakanan,” De Lima said.

[We are borrowing from China so that Duterte can continue killing the poor, so that our rights and welfare will be trampled on without continuously.]

“Ginigisa ang mahihirap nating kababayan sa sariling mantika. Walang ibang magbabayad sa utang sa China kung hindi ang mismong mahihirap ding pinapapatay ni Duterte,” the senator added.

[The poor are being fried in their own grease. Nobody else will pay for the our debt to China except the poor people that Duterte is killing.]
Further, De Lima said: “Clearly, this new policy is another irrational move by a heartless and megalomaniac leader. Kawawa na naman ang bayan ko.”

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