Reservist Robin Padilla reaches out to Muslim youth in Sulu to promote peace

Reservist Robin Padilla reaches out to Muslim youth in Sulu to promote peace

In a bid to help the government in its insurgency problem in the south of the Philippines Army Reservist Robin Padilla is doing his part as such.

Celebrity actor and Army reservist Robin Padilla in his talk with the Muslim youths at the Vicariate Gym and Sulu State College in Jolo, Sulu challenged them to denounce any violent extremism.

Robin Padilla talking to the Muslim youth in Sulu
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Padilla volunteered with the Philippine Army’s reventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) project. He appears and gives talks before the people of Sulu as a Peace Ambassador to encourage the youth against false Islamic teachings.

“Ang tunay na jihad ay hindi giyera kundi ang pagbabago sa sarili. Dahil sa Islam, there is no compulsion in religion, walang pilitan. Islam is all about love,” expressed Padilla. “[Sa mga taga-Jolo] tayo ay mga Muslim. Kahit anong sabihin natin, kahit anong tribu man o kahit ano ka, Muslim tayo. Yung brotherhood, sisterhood ang purpose natin [is to] defend Islam. Kung sino yung mga taong sumisira sa Islam, yun dapat ang pinagtutulugan natin na maayos. Yun ang impact nito. Hindi pwedeng ang message ng Islam ay terrorism. Hindi tayo dapat pumayag noon. Hindi yun ang Islam eh.”

Part of the thrust of talking to the muslim youth is to prevent recruitment and the radicalization of members of local communities, especially the youth. There were around 200 youths who attended the talk where Padilla discussed the essence of being a Muslim.

Padilla also made a courtesy call to the Headquarters of the 11th Infantry “Alakdan” Division, who are the frontliners in the fight against terrorist groups in Sulu.

“The Philippine Army is grateful to Mr. Robin Padilla for helping us in educating our youth about the real message of Islam. We agree with him that violence has no place in our society, just as we stress that the last thing that a soldier wants to do is to fight. We firmly believe that we can end violent extremism by protecting our youth from being radicalized, and the Army is fully committed to accomplish that at all costs,” Lt. Col. Ramon P. Zagala, Army Spokesperson.

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