PRRD to corrupt BIR workers : your Next!

PRRD to corrupt BIR workers : your Next!

Bureau of International Revenue (BIR) your next!

After the Bureau of Customs (BOC), the BIR would be the next government agency to be cleansed of corruption, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte declared.

In his speaking engagement in Romblon, he said he would soon be firing officials and employees in the BIR involved in corrupt activities.

Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte
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“Ang corruption is taas. Kaya dito ko binabantayan. ‘Yang mga --- pero ‘yang masabi mo mga corrupt diyan sa baba(Corruption is at high levels. That’s why I’m guarding it. But corrupt in lower levels), well of course, it affects a lot of Filipinos,” Duerte said.

“Checkpoint, Customs, BIR. Kaya ang sunod BIR (That’s why next is BIR),” he added.

During last month the Chief Executive dismissed 64 BOC personnel over corruption charges.
“I’m not satisfied with six or seven of you going out. I want the 64 with cases in Customs dismissed. And I will insist on that even if I have to put my foot down as President,” Duterte said.
Duterte also vowed to “change the government.”

“Alam mo ang gusto kong gawin bago ako mag-alis? Baka matakot kayo. Sabihin ko lang aalis na ako, aalis talaga ako. Bigyan lang ninyo ako limang araw (You know what I want to do before I leave? You might be scared. I say I’ll leave and I’ll really leave. Just give me give days) ... I will change government,” Duterte said.
The Chief Executive explains that he would like to end his term in 2022, taking pride that he never back down from the challenge that comes with the presidency.

“Hindi ako aalis diyan na (I won’t step down if) I will leave the Philippines in shambles. Hindi ako papayag na (I will not allow that) at one time Rodrigo Duterte passed the presidency,” Duterte said.
“Magtatapon ako ng last card ko at baka ‘yang card na ‘yan hindi lang king or queen, alas talaga ‘yan (I’ll throw my last card, it might not just be a king or queen, it would be an ace),” he added.

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