EU criticizes China's 'militarization' of South China Sea

EU criticizes China's 'militarization' of South China Sea

The peace in the South China Sea is being threatened by ‘militarization’, this is the statement of visiting  European Union's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini while in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Mogherini is an echo of the previous statement made by the United States of America (USA) as the pressure mounts against China’s ambitions in the region.

China has been accused of deploying warships, arming outposts and ramming fishing vessels in the resource-rich sea, sparking ire from other claimants.
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"We believe that this tension, this militarization, is definitely not conducive to a peaceful environment," she added.
China with its so called baseless nine-dash line says it has sovereignty over the majority of the South China Sea (SCS).
South China Sea is a major shipping route and other than its rich marine resources it is believed it sits on a vast reserves of oil and gas.

Vietnam has positioned itself as the most vocal critic of China in its actions in the disputed waters.
Tensions between the two communists neighbors escalated when a Chinese geological survey vessel entered waters around the Spratly Islands claimed by Vietnam in early July of this year.
Australia, US and the EU have been all for freedom of navigation in the SCS, Brunei,Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan have their own territories in the area.

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