Duterte to military: We can’t afford to pass insurgency woes to next generation

Duterte to military: We can’t afford to pass insurgency woes to next generation

The peace talks between the communists  and the Duterte government has been on and off since from the time he took office.

Last March,the president announced that he would formally close the door for a possible resumption of peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), telling them to just “talk to the next President.”

But now, the Chief Executive is giving a new marching order for the state troops and that is to put an end to the decades-long insurgency in the Philippines, stressing that it cannot be passed on to the next generations.

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Speaking before the 31st Anniversary of the Department of Agriculture, the President warned that there will be a “little trouble” in the coming months as the government forces move to wipe out communist elements.

“I am telling the military, kindly end it now. We can’t afford to pass it to the next generations,” Duterte said.

“I’m serving notice to everybody that in the coming months, it will be not really bloody, but there will be a little trouble. We have to finish it,” he added.

Duterte added that he has told the military and police to “finish” the insurgency.

However, Duterte said communist rebels who would lay down their arms would be given livelihood and education for their family.

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