Veteran broadcaster explains why the PH is being singled out by the UNHRC

Veteran broadcaster explains why the PH is being singled out by the UNHRC

One begs to question, do we have an issue with Iceland? Or this is just a case of the latter being misinformation?

It was through the initiative of Iceland that led to the adoption of a resolution by the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHRC) calling for a probe into the human rights situation in the country.

Why single out Philippines? compared to Mexico we are in the minor leagues, and yet Mexico had the gall to vote yes for or country to be probed for human rights abuses.

Result?  18 of the 47 member states voted in favor of the draft resolution filed by Iceland which asked UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to prepare a “comprehensive written report” on the country’s human rights situation.
Veteran media person, Jay Sonza gave a very insightful why President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s administration is being singled out of the many.
For purposes of public knowledge, clarity, and information to all we are quoting in full the post of Mr. Jay Sonza re the Iceland adopted resolution.

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UN functionaries want an investigation on Philippines' war on drugs.

Why single out this country? 

Mexico has 200,000 drug related death in the past couple of years. 

USA reported 70,200 drug related cases in one year alone (2017).

Then there is Columbia, Panama, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and the list goes on. 

So why the Philippines
, with 6,000 death toll, hundred thousand arrest, and millions surrendered in 3 years?

Illegal drugs is about half a trillion ($ dollar business a year !!!

its influence is tremendous on politicians, law enforcers, judicial officers, media and business empires.

the mark success of the Philippines' war on drugs is shaking the international and world illegal drugs and political communities.

if, in the ultimate analysis, we as a country and people succeed in putting a decent brake and ultimately stop illegal drug trade in this part of the world, a template is established. 


the illegal drug business is wary. 

they need to find ways to stop our war on drugs. 

they will do anything and everything to prevent this from happening. Buy everybody - politicians, judges, prosecutors, media, law enforcers, and yes, even diplomats. 

Do you remember the stories of diplomatic pouch, UN planes, choppers and trucks being used to transport cocaine and other illegal drugs from Latin American and Southeast Asian countries?

the Philippines' war on drugs poses a clear and present danger to this multi-billion dollar business!


Jay Sonza

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