Pulse Asia : 85% (8/10) Filipinos trust, approve Duterte after Recto bank incident

Pulse Asia : 85% (8/10) Filipinos trust, approve Duterte after Recto bank incident

This is becoming do predictable of course in favor of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

In the latest Pulse Asia survey 85% of the 1,200 adult respondents are appreciative of the performance of the chief executive. Only 3% said they disapprove of Duterte's performance, while 11% said they were undecided.

This is just two points below the 87% he recorded in March 2019 and within the ± 2.8 percent error margin.

Pres. Duterte still enjoys the trust and approval of Filipinos based on the latest Pulse Asia survey
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The numbers came after the Recto incident, Filipinos trust and approve the performance of President Rodrigo Duterte,the way he handled the whole ramming incident. 
The 85% of the respondents also trust Duterte’s performance, numbers are unchanged from the last survey taken last March.
Filipinos belonging to the poorest segment continues to trust and approve of President Duterte’s performance, with 86% of respondents Class E saying they trust the president. Of those surveyed, 87% said they are appreciative of his performance.

Homecourt Mindanao

The performance ratings of the President in Luzon (82%) and the Visayas (90%) have been unchanged. 81% of resident in Metro Manila said they appreciate the performance of the President.
In Mindanao where the President hails from, his approval rating is 91% approve of his performance. This, however, was seven points lower than the 97% he received in March.
Duterte’s highest trust rating was also recorded in his bailiwick from 96% in March to 91% in June.

In Metro Manila, the trust ratings of the President improved from 77% to 83% in June and the Visayas from 87% to 89% in June, while his score in Luzon remained the same at 81%.

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