Mayor Isko warns corrupt Manila barangay chiefs

Mayor Isko warns corrupt Manila barangay chiefs

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is not letting the momentum be put to waste.

He has now put his sights to the city’s local barangay officials who have been reported to him doing the city and the people of Manila disservice.

The local chief executive has warned his constituents that he would prosecute barangay officials who would mishandle, misuse or steal public funds.

Manila mayor  Isko Moreno (photo credit to owner)

He shares that he has already received complaints against village leaders allegedly siphoning off taxpayers’ money by conniving with city budget and accounting employees.

Moreno at the National Press Club  says that barangay projects had been bid off in the past to favor contractors, which could be the relatives and friends of barangay officials.

“I am warming all barangay chairmen that you will be my next target after I am done cleaning the city,” he said.

The scheme of compartmentalizing projects to be the loophole, this is done for example a P400,000 project  may be broken up into eight parts so it doesn’t have to be subjected to bidding. It is a rule in Manila when the project costs of P50,000 and below there is no need to bid it out.
There are at least four barangay chiefs in Tondo are also being probed for project irregularities, including the use of materials recycled from past projects, according to Moreno.

The practice of hiring street sweepers and tanods (village guards) and then firing them so their salaries can be drawn by barangay officials had also reached his attention,                     

Projects on the declogging of canals are being turned into moneymaking schemes by some barangay executives, Mayor Isko said.

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Report from Daily Tribune

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