Man's bestfriend : Dog died after protecting 1 yr.old from cobra

Man's bestfriend : Dog died after protecting 1 yr.old from cobra

This story is one for the books of bravery and heroism.

Filipinos has always been known for its close affinity to animals specially for dogs. So to say that a “dog is man’s best friend” is an understatement in this situation.

A dachshund died because he protected the 1 year old child of his owner/master from a deadly and poisonous cobra tring to enter their house in Barangay LanaoKidapawan City.

The very brave Miley with the venomous cobra, both dead from their encounter
(photo credit to owner)

The owner of the dog is Jaim Bugtay Selimhe said the neighbors noticed that the two dogs were really noisy barking at around 2pm in the afternoon.

Skye, his 1 year old son was left in the house sleeping with the nanny, and was only 30 meters from the dogs.

"On duty po kami ng wife ko that time. 'Yung yaya at baby lang po ang naiwan sa bahay," said Selim to ABS-CBN news.

When the nanny went outside, she saw Miley the black dachshund, died minutes after battling the venomous snake, while Moxie, the compatriot white dog of Miley ,got its right eye infected from the snake’s venom.

Selim and his wife Jinky thanked Miley for saving and protecting their family at the expense of his own life.

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Report from ABS-CBN News

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