‘I will end my term fighting’ - Pres. Duterte

‘I will end my term fighting’ - Pres. Duterte

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in delivering his 4th State of the Nation Address (SONA) since 2016 stood his ground that despite controversies are being thrown at his administration he will do his mandate as chosen by the Filipino electorate three years ago to finish his term fighting.
Fighting the illegal drug menace that has engulfed the country, corruption that seems to have no end in government bureaucracy, the international pressures brought about by his relentless war on drugs, and the territorial dispute with the Asian giant-that is China.

Pres. Duterte during his 4th SONA (PDI)

“Few men imbued with the will and the courage to do what he believes is right and just and whatever be the opposition in terms of numbers and noise, make a majority. For it is not the eagle in the fight, but the fight in the eagle that matters,” the President said as he addressed the opening session of the 18th Congress.

“Believe me, I will end my term fighting,” he vowed.

The 4th SONA has its share of protest- from both political side of the fence. Anti Duterte groups led a march to the road leading to Batasang ng Panbansa, they said they were able to amass around 40,OOO attendees ..,But Police authrorities pegged only at 5,500.
Policemen where there to assure everything will ok and not violent.

Last three years
The President announced that he will not go slowly in his last three years.
“To borrow the language of F. Sionil Jose, who said, we have not risen above and beyond the parochial interests. Our warped loyalty to family, friends and tribal kin continue to exact a heavy toll on our programs designed to uplift the poor and reassure our investors, our foreign investors, and the business sector in this country,” he said.

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Report from PDI

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