Buboy wants to see Pacquiao become PH President

Buboy wants to see Pacquiao become PH President

The 40 year old fighting pride of the Philippines has his life ahead of him.

Beyond Mayweather and boxing in general, being a politician in the country nobody can predict where will his life lead him to be.

His long time buddy and ally Buboy Fernandez has other plans for Manny Pacquiao.

Fernandez and senator Pacquaio(Photo credit towner)

Fernandez who doubles up as Pacquiao’s trainer and bestfriend for 25 years, wants to see the 8 division champion become Philippine president someday.

Inside their favorite Thai restaurant, Fernandez having discussions with Filipino sportswriters saying he got Pacquio’s back inside and ouside the ring.

He intimates that sometimes when he feels like loosing his cool, he would think twice so as not to tarnish the good image of the senator.

“I want to be careful because I still want to see him become the president,” said Fernandez 

Fernandez, just recently was voted Vice-Mayor  of  Polangui, Albay.

Fernandez said, Pacquiao instructed his team that they would be flying on a private jet to rush to Manila for the State of the Nation Address (Sona).

“We have to be there,” said Pacquiao, referring to the Sona. “Because they will elect the new Speaker of the House.”

The two brothers of senator Pacquaio are also elected officials Roel (Saranggani) and Bobby (party list), are both members of Congress.

There are rumors inside Team Pacquiao that point to a possible run for the Senate Presidency.

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