AFP modernization now more relevant due to global terror threat

AFP modernization now more relevant due to global terror threat

Global terrorism is already upon us, that is why its only fitting that our Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) must no longer delay its much awaited modernization and counter-terrorism efforts.
AFP public affairs office chiefCol. Noel Detoyatowhen asked to comment on President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s announcements that he wants to leave a credible and modern Philippine military and police for “dangerous times ahead” in the Philippines.

“I hope that Congress would tide us over to complete the instruments that we need in dealing, especially with terrorism,” the Chief Executive added.

F-16 Fighting Falcon, is said to be the dream of the Philippine Air Force to have
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“This is the reason why the AFP is doubling its efforts in implementing the AFP modernization and it’s counterterrorism operations in the south. The face of global terrorism is ever changing and so we have to keep up with the pace,” Detoyato said to Philippine News Agency (PNA).
Detoyato also said that the AFP is taking advantage of the support they have been receiving from Malacanang in order to equip themselves and make the organization more than able to perform its constitutional mandate.

“We have to take advantage of the support being initiated by our Commander-in-Chief by doubling our efforts in transforming the AFP while performing our mandate,” he pointed out.
The war on terror is something the country should acknowledge that truly exist and the country must equip itself for the future Filipinos not yet born.
“The challenge of the future war on terror should be addressed now. With the support of the government led by our President and the overwhelming support of the majority of the Filipinos to his leadership we are confident that we can face this ‘dangerous times’ ahead,” Detoyato said. 

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Report from PNA

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